YouTube Gaming launches, is Twitch in trouble?

YouTube are getting in on the Lets Play game with YouTube Gaming, is it going to change the streaming scene?

It has been approximately a year and a day since Google missed out on buying Twitch as Amazon pipped them to the post. Since then Google have come up with their own game streaming service, YouTube Gaming. This actually makes a lot of sense as I’m sure apart from videos of cats doing hilarious things YouTube itself is filled with mainly game related videos, why would Google not make YouTube become a game streaming service. But is this enough to overthrow its old rival Twitch from the game streaming throne?

First off YouTube Gaming has big boots to try and fill, Twitch has been around since mid 2011 so it already has the jump on this kind of service. Although there is one thing that YouTube does have the upper hand with, years of working with videos and also taking time to understand their audience and what they want. Personally I was never really a fan of Twitch, I tried many time and very hard to get into it in terms of being a user rather than a contributor and every time I would fall out with the service or just forget about it over time. I love the idea of watching streams, running streams and also contributing to other streams but Twitch just didn’t seem the service for me so I continued on watching game play recordings and Let’s Plays on YouTube as I had for years before hand, at the time YouTube wasn’t one of the best but it was one of the most used so most of the good content was hosted on there.

YouTube has grown up a lot since them days, becoming more refined and more mature than its juvenile self in the past years, for a user now YouTube does everything you would want and more, with a great look and quick load times it has turned into something every game video watcher wants to be a part of. Enter YouTube Gaming, which has come into the world learning a lot from the experience of its older brother.

YouTube Gaming Website

The look of the service on both mobile and web looks amazing and just screams for you to click on every video to watch. Speed is not a problem for this service either, its slick and fast which Twitch normally has a small problem with, the videos practically instantly load, even in a very nice slider that is part of the home page. It syncs and communicates perfectly with YouTube which before hand if I had known would have thought it would be a hinderance but it really isn’t, it works really well in terms of comments and even displaying video interests that you previously watched on YouTube. Video quality is also amazingly crisp and crystal clear even for older retro games.

An interesting feature that is also part of the service is ‘Spot Light’ which seem to be videos from YouTube that are not streams that you could find interesting about gaming which all is done within YouTube Gaming, this seems to be something that Twitch doesn’t really have but really adds to the service. There is also a feature that is missing from Twitch that is in YouTube Gaming that I always thought would be a necessity, this is rewinding the stream, never again will you miss out on the start of a stream when you can rewind up to 4 hours back in the stream.

Do I think that YouTube Gaming can stand up and possibly surpass Twitch? Yes I do, it will take a long time but with how accessible and easy to use this service is it just makes it that much more of a joy to watch people enjoying games and streaming them. What is clear is Google and YouTube mean business and are defiantly trying to get in on the scene that they have missed out on for a few years and they seem to know what they are doing. Many very famous YouTubers and streamers turned up within the first hour of the release of the service and started doing what they do best.

In terms of streaming ourselves we are going to update this post with how we get on with using the service as a contributor at a later date.

Do you think YouTube Gaming is going to take over Twitch? Or is it too late for Google to get a foothold in the game streaming market? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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