Xbox One Slim looks like its coming

There has been rumours about the Xbox One Slim for a while now, but now it looks like it is a thing.

It looks like the Xbox One Slim is real…

People have been talking about an Xbox One Slim for a good while now, but with E3 2016 now upon us the rumours have been going haywire. But it looks like now we have some solid evidence on this from NEOGAF, it is a professional and real looking image.

Xbox One Slim Image

This looks like a whole new revision based on the original Xbox One and it looks pretty damn nice! The Xbox One Slim seems to be coming with a 2TB hard drive, 4k video support and is 40% smaller than its older brother.

Xbox One Slim Standing


In all honesty this looks like its true, with Microsoft’s E3 presentation tomorrow its pretty certain that this is the console that will be shown off. Especially with how many leaks have been revealed this year before E3.

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