Where are the best places to get Retro Games

I’ve been game hunting for many years now, but where are the best places to get retro games?

Day by day more and more people are deciding to start collecting retro games, be it for their own collecting purposes or maybe just so they can play some of their fondly remembered games. Maybe you are one of these people or you are looking to start a collection yourself, either way you will want to know some of the best places to get your hands on some retro gaming goodness. I have been doing this for a good amount of years now and I have had my far share of lucky finds and cheap deals so let me tell you where the best places to get retro games really are!


Ebay is a strange thing at time, some times you can find everything you would ever want for brilliant prices, other times you can’t find anything. Sometimes you will even get the people that think if the game is classed as ‘retro’ they will thing it is worth a fortune regardless of the game itself, I swear I’ve seen someone trying to sell ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ for PlayStation for over £200 once…

Although Ebay can be a great source of retro games when buying you must tread carefully. Make sure that the item you are bidding on or buying is the item you actually want, is it boxed or unboxed, is it damaged in any way, is it complete? Make sure to check all these things before buying.

Ebay’s ace in the hole is that you can save searches if you are after a particular game so that you receive notifications when a new object of this type has been posted letting you to get potentially first dibs on the item.

The downside to Ebay is that it has a huge mass of users and a lot of retro game collectors use Ebay meaning you could be in for a lot of bidding battles.

Charity Shops

Charity Shops (or Church Shops) can be really useful if you are just looking to buff out your collection and you are not desperately after any particular games. Every now and then stock can come in from people who just don’t see the value in retro games or just simply want to help out a charity.

Games don’t tend to come in regular from personal experience so its not a daily trip kind of deal. Sometimes you can find some pretty good games and although the common games are very slightly more expensive than anywhere else. On the other side they don’t understand the value of rare games so if they get one in they normally go for the same price as the rest if you can be lucky enough to find them.

Car Boot Sales

Ah Car Boot Sales, one of my all time favourite past times and a great way to bulk out on retro gaming goodness. Similar to the Charity Shop as technically you don’t know what is going to be there till you turn up but 9 times out of 10 there will be some sort of stall selling games.

One of the best parts of Car Boot Sales compared to any other on this list is the ability to haggle and get games for cheaper than you would anywhere else.

There are a few down sides to buying from here though, a lot of the time the games will not be of the highest quality and could be broken or scratched. Once you’ve bought the game you will have no receipt or warranty so before you buy make sure that the game is actually in its box (if it has a box) and that it is in no way damaged.

Another thing to stay away from is the game only stalls, the people that literally have a stall that is just filled to the brim with games. Why should you stay away from these kinds of stalls most of the time? Mainly because they will charge the maximum amount they can for the game which most of the times means its cheaper elsewhere, normally they are not open to bartering either. Only really browse over these to see if there is anything rare on this stall that is hard to find.

Second Hand Shops

These shops normally have a good collection of games ready to be placed in your collection, one of the best examples of these stores in the UK is CEX which is now starting to sell retro games, they also have quite a big stock of PlayStation 2 games.

Although these kinds of shops normally have a large stock of retro games most of the time they understand the value of these games which means you wont always get a rare game bargain.

Retro Game Shops

These are the holy grail of retro game shopping. Not many of these shops really exist anymore but they are starting to become more popular and widespread. Once you find your closest retro game store (if you are luckily enough to have one) try to visit it whenever you can. The community and the people working there themselves will appreciate it and I’m sure they would be more than happy to keep an eye out for games that you may want.

One of the best things about these shops is they can have a huge collection of games from all different types of consoles. Also their stock can potentially rotate quite often. Since you are making an actual purchase in a proper store as well you will get a warranty on the games you buy.

One downside is that it can sometimes be kinda pricey but most of the time this is because the games are in a good state or it is something pretty rare.

One of the best Retro Game shops I have ever come across is Super Games World in Middlesbrough, it is a fantastic store and is just heaven for retro gamers!

How do you get games for your retro game collection? What are your best places to get retro games? Do you have some retro gaming secret that is the best way to find and buy these games? Let us know in the comments below!

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