What we want to see in No Man’s Sky

Here’s what we want to see in upcoming adventure/survival space game, that is No Man’s Sky.

It’s been a busy year in gaming already and we’re just halfway through! Next month looks set for more awesome games, starting with No Man’s Sky. Here’s what I want to see in the upcoming explorer game….

No Man's Sky planet

I first saw glimpses of No Man’s Sky in 2015 and saw a full with a video of the game in play commentated by Sean Murray (one of the game’s founders) though I have to say, I really wasn’t impressed with the video. The game certainly looked good with awesome use of different colour palettes such as cool blue skies parallel to deep red terrain creating lush looking unusual worlds, yet the premise itself to me sounded really dull. As Murray explained the game play, flying in a spaceship to a planet that looked remarkably colourful he said the planet was unique in terms of plants, flora and fauna. One comment that sticks out to me was: “this planet has different coloured grass” – sounds great! Next, why don’t we watch some paint dry…?

No Man's Sky planet

As sceptical as I was, the game’s visuals impressed me a lot as did the premise of 18 quintillion unique planets to explore (you read that right – 18 quintillion!) and submit them to a universal database known as The Atlas. Players will be rewarded in currency for uploading their discoveries to The Atlas unlocking abilities for equipment and ships. Though, how this will work, is unknown.

What can you actually do?

What players can do in these planets (other than exploring) is a bit of a mystery. Not much was shown on the video I saw, but I’ve read that players are able to engage in any of the four principal activities offered by the game: exploration, survival, combat, and trading. How players interact with these environments is determined by the range of the hyperspace jump engines of their current spacecraft and how much fuel that the craft presently carries.

Spaceships in No Man's Sky

So what do I want to see in No Man’s Sky? Firstly, I’m hoping for an immersive story that will bring the game together. It doesn’t have to be traditional in the sense of being like other game narratives, rather give the player a reason to explore, a want to seek out the different plants / wildlife rather than just being able to.

I’d love to see unusual animals and plants that will totally take my breath away. If the big pull for the game is the fact there are so many different flora and fauna, then I want to be absolutely blown away with the weird and wonderful. I want the ability to interact with them – be it either in a friendly or hostile way.

No Man's Sky image

Also, for once I’m actually wanting to play and online mode. I’d like the ability to invite other players to the worlds I have discovered so we can explore together – maybe tie in mini games to play on the different planets?

I’m thinking the game may not be one for me, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to play it and give it a fair shot. I just think it has a lot to do other than rely on being aesthetically pleasing.

A lot to hope for, how will it make for a game play experience? Check back here for a review in June!

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