We wish this fake Nintendo console was real

When we saw this fake Nintendo console reveal we wanted it to be real so very bad!

Nintendo have always been the games company that people come up with crazy fake opinions, truths and ideas for, especially compared to any other games company out there. Why is this? I personally believe its due to how innovative Nintendo have become in the present day, when it comes to consoles they are not afraid to take a leap and try something new with the Wii being the biggest example. Another reason I believe is due to people seem to revert to a child like state when talking about Nintendo so their minds go wild with what the next big thing is.

One good example is something that popped up at around E3 time in 2005, the Nintendo On. This was a fake but very well made video that made its way onto the internet claiming that Nintendo had a new product coming, the Nintendo On which was a virtual reality helmet to rival its current competitors at the time, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Nintendo On

Normally we all just glance over these mad ideas as just people reaching for the stars with an idea that doesn’t make any sense or it is just plain not doable/realistic. Although this year a now confirmed fake video hit the internet which got a lot of gamers hyped, take a look.

Awesome right? The whole idea of this Nintendo XDS is absolutely perfect, the console looks realistic, slim, sleek and just a beautiful piece of hardware. The though of having all of Nintendo’s legendary back catalogue of games including Wii U and Wii on one of their own portable systems would just be a beautiful to behold.

What made so many people believe this video? Well I believe one reasons is what I said at the start, people know Nintendo are out their in the world of game innovation, that coupled with a video that looks like its being secretly filmed at a private Nintendo conference at E3 2015 and such a high quality made trailer where the whole setup makes it look like it is Nintendo. Finally the clincher that made this so believable, all of the Nintendo NX hype.

Personally a part of me hopes that the Nintendo NX design and developer team take some notice of what the gamers want and incorporate these ideas into this new console everyone is eagerly waiting for, if it turned out to be this Nintendo XDS I would throwing my money at Nintendo as fast as I could!

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