We have tried PlayStation VR: we are amazed!

We had the chance to have a play on PlayStation’s Morpheus project, now known as PlayStation VR.

We’ve been waiting a long time to have a chance of getting our hands on Playstation’s Morpheus project (now known as Playstation VR) just to see how the world of console gaming can handle the relatively new world of Virtual Reality. During the first day of EGX 2015 we were able to get this chance and we were excited.

After playing Playstation VR, the only word we can use to sum up the experience is ‘gob-smacked’. This piece of tech literally left us bouncing around the EGX floor with excitement. We managed to have a go on 2 of the Playstation VR tech demos, EVE Valkyrie (a space first person dog fighting game made by CCP) and London Heist (an old style cockney mafia/gangster game with a lot of swearing and shooting).

Both of these games blew us away entirely! The games had incredible graphics which completely immersed us within seconds. There was no problem with graphics or frame rates at all, a lot of time and effort has been put into Playstation VR and it shows. The controls were easy to pick up purely because of how intuitive and true to life they really are. London Heist for example used 2 Playstation Move controllers which acted as your hands and within seconds of being thrown into the game you could interact with anything, even drinks cans that were lying on a car’s dashboard. EVE Valkyrie used the Playstation 4 controller which felt just as good, being inside the spacecraft, the controller felt like you were holding onto the flight controls of the ship itself, looking down whilst wearing the Playstation VR headset, you could see virtual hands at the controls, which felt like they were your own, it truly was one of the most immersive experiences we’ve encountered with VR so far!

We were also massively impressed with the look and feel of Playstation VR. Expecting it to be heavy and clunky it was exactly the opposite. It was lightweight, comfy and completely adjustable so that it would be easy to use for practically anyone. In terms of aesthetics, this piece of kit is absolutely stunning to look at, the bright lights around the headset just make it a great looking step up from what other VR companies are providing.

Our conclusion is that we will defiantly be preordering one of these as soon as we can, the Playstation VR already feels mightily polished so early 2016 sounds pretty reachable for Sony to push this into the market. We just hope that when it does that VR is not treated as a fad, these games could be the very next leap for gaming and should at least be given a fighting chance, we will be fighting for it anyway!

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