Watch Dogs 2 coming 15th November

It looks like are getting a Watch Dogs 2 after all!

Are prepared to hack a city once again in Watch Dogs 2?

Yup you heard correctly, 15th November is the release date of Watch Dogs 2. A viral tease was released yesterday on Ubisoft’s twitter account promising more news about the upcoming sequel but appears IGN has accidentally leaked the information early. The major theme of the Watch Dogs games themselves revolves around hacking and for this to come out the way it has, will come as an embarrassment as it appears Aidan did his hacking ability’s early to get the news out.

Watch Dogs 2 Leak

The leaked information on IGN’s website seems to suggest that you will star as a new protagonist this time round and be taking over San Francisco. A place where many games are set these days as it’s full of vibrant people and a well digitally equipped city makes it the perfect place to do some major hacking.

With Assassins creed giving it a miss this year, many people wondered what game will take it’s a place and it seems Watch Dogs has taken its place.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more information but for now let us know in the comments below what you would like to see in the new game.

Ubisoft have now decided to release the teaser trailer for Watch Dogs 2.

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