What we want to see in Resident Evil 7

With rumours of Resident Evil 7 being in development, here is what we want to see and don’t want to see in the latest zombie shooter.

Rumours last year of Resident Evil 7 came about after the game was supposedly already in development but Capcom only announced a remake of Resident Evil 2, probably on the back of the recent successful HD remasters (thanks for listening to the fans Capcom). However, rumours are reaching fever point with the run up to E3, so if Resi 7 is on its way, here’s what we want to see in Resident Evil 7 (and that doesn’t include dull co-op play thank you Capcom!)

Resident Evil action art work

An industry insider on Twitter confirmed there is a Resident Evil 7 named Dr Serkan Toto (who has been right in most similar cases)  said: “1) About Resident Evil 7: Yes, it’s in development. The entire game will go back to RE’s horror roots and (essentially) be a clean slate.” He also revealed that designer Jordan Amaro who previously worked on the awesome but doomed PT as well as Metal Gear Solid 5 so Resi 7 could have real force behind it to make its way back to horror roots.

Resident Evil Revelations 2

This is all good news, if true. Revelations 2 was a perfect example of Capcom moving with the times and showing they are able of doing it well, very well in fact. But fans still yearned for a next generation Resident Evil they knew and loved yet in a different format. With these Twitter comments, could Capcom be able to deliver just that?

Zombie from Resident Evil

Well, they need to go back to the drawing board. Start off by looking at what made Resident Evil special in the first place, a survival horror game focused on a deadly virus with zombies as enemies, lots and lots of zombies. So maybe include zombies? And we don’t mean super zombies that can wield weapons, no, we want brain dead undead please!

They don’t have to be the generic and stereotypical zombies like they used to be, either. With the power of current generation consoles being so high, zombies could be designed to look truly terrifying, we are talking full on ragged torn clothing that looks real, maybe even with limbs dropping off their bodies or missing entirely. Grotesque droopy faces to make them unrecognisable as once being human along with so much more to make them really look like the monsters they are.

Resident Evil zombie

The change in appearance doesn’t have to be just cosmetic either, why not include the dropped limbs from zombies as still alive creatures due to the virus, that could still move and attack the player adding a new complexity to scares and game play elements. Just imagine turning a corner, being attacked by a zombie and its limbs crawling towards you…

Resident Evil mansion

Which brings us to what else we want to see in Resi 7 – the setting. Now, we don’t want to repeat the mansion but no other setting has come close to being as brilliant as the mansion was. We don’t need to be outside in the sunlight, nor do we want vast open spaces, we want to feel trapped and unable to escape. You know, like the genre is supposed to be about.

Loading doors

This also raises the concern of something we don’t want to see – locked doors. It’s ridiculous Capcom! It was tedious in the original game and every one since has had no excuse to include it. We have shotguns, grenade launchers and more yet we simply MUST find a small key from somewhere to open a wooden door, instead of just blasting our way through. I understand it’s a way to separate areas, puzzles and order of doing things but surely there are better ways to achieve that?

Speaking of which, we want puzzles and we want them to be decent ones! No simple pulling levers to find the next area…Yawn! More complex puzzles that are actually fun to play. They don’t have to be stupidly hard, but challenging enough to require more than a single brain cell to complete.

Chris and Jill

Characters are what truly make a good game and the seventh game in a long running series needs characters that fans and newcomers alike will love. Fortunately most characters in the Resi universe are likeable (Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine etc) so maybe go for an entirely new character with a link to others? Sort of like in Revelations 2, where Moira was introduced – as the daughter of fan favourite Barry Burton. Make them interesting and not just standard generic types!

Sheva and Chris in Resident Evil 5

On the subject of characters, we really don’t want to see co-op play please. It’s been done too many times and it simply doesn’t work. Resident Evil 5 demonstrated how frustrating an AI partner can be in terms of getting in the way, stealing all items and generally being a pain in the ass. Plus, it takes away the isolated, vulnerable and trapped aspect. If there is more than one character needed, why not include them as different paths to play as, a la the original game.

Resident Evil inventory

Our final moan has to be the inventory system. Please, do we really have to worry about the limited amount we can carry? We know its survival horror and some element of realism is required but wasting time moving items about just so we can pick up what we need is silly. It is so dull and not what we want in a game, let alone in Resident Evil.

Even though information is scarce, we have high hopes for Resident Evil 7. If Capcom keep listening to the fans and doing what they have been doing recently, Resi 7 is going to be something special indeed.

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