Uncharted: A Thief’s Finest Moments

As Uncharted 4 makes its way into the hands of fans and gamers everywhere we look back over the series and reminisce all the good times.

This week marks the end of a truly spectacular series as Uncharted 4 makes its way into the hands of fans and gamers everywhere. With the end in sight, why not look back over the series and reminisce all the good times?

Trying to limit these to my top three memorable moments per game, without spoiling anything for those still new to the franchise was certainly tough, but here you have it. These are my most memorable moments in the Uncharted Series;

Uncharted 1– The Dreaded Generators

This scene, although memorable, is one of my most hated areas simply because of it’s descent into the realms of a horror game. I don’t do well with people or creatures leaping out at you then proceeding to chase you. Especially if they are hard to kill and so this bit, with its winding corridors, eerie lighting and ‘creepy’ villains had me on the edge of my seat.
I’ll admit the scare factor for my first play through nearly made me put down my controller all those years ago with a firm “Nope! Nope! Nope”. (Yes I’m a scaredy cat!) But looking back…and replaying it on the remastered collection made me realise it’s a love hate relationship and that is what makes it so memorable for me.

Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20160509204342 (2)

Uncharted 1 – The Jungle Ship

This scene for me just showed off exactly what Naughty Dog were capable of even on the PS3. It’s a gorgeous area just right for exploring and with the right amount of quirkiness. A German U-Boat in the jungle?! Without spoiling anything, there is a certain event that occurs towards the end of this area that still has the shock factor when I replay it. Naughty Dog certainly know how to tug on the old heart strings!

Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20151008215638

Uncharted 1 – Safe Flying?

This is more of a cutscene, but for me it really began to tie together the relationship Elena and Nate begin to form. It also shows us an almost comical side to Drake when faced with a less than favourable situation. Safely flying one moment and spiralling towards the ground the next, I couldn’t help but smile as Drake talks himself through the chaos and eventually to…safety?

Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20160509203033

Uncharted 2 – The Train Wreck

Naughty Dog have a way of throwing us straight into the action. Uncharted 2 is no exception as we start with Drake injured ona train wreck that is hanging dangerously over the edge of a mountain. Instantly you are filled with questions, curiosity and even concern for the character as you precariously make your way up and hopefully towards safety.

Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20160509210501

Uncharted 2 – Tranquil Village Folk

This area, if anything, made me want to go back and try to interact with everything to find ‘hidden’ animations. It is a nice break from the chaos that is the scenes prior and watching Nate interact, or trying to interact with other people and even animals, is a well needed distraction. It certainly lulls you into a brief sense of security before throwing you head first into the next revelation.

Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20151018224726

Uncharted 2 – Hotel Hijinks

The chase scene that is initiated within Uncharted 2 involving helicopters, explosions and crumbling buildings has always been a personal favourite of mine. Just the chaos that explodes around you, the level of detail and the underlying sense of panic to run faster and not miss the next jump. I often find myself replaying this part just for fun.

Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20151018182111

Uncharted 3 – Spiderman’s Château

Naughty Dog have always pushed the boundaries when it comes to innovation, and for me they will always be the pioneers of the reverse camera chase scenes. Couple that with the first encounter of these huge, deadly spiders and some dramatic music, and this makes one of my most memorable….and freaky moments. (Urggh Spiders!!)

Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20160421174428

Uncharted 3 – Crooked Cruising

I love everything about the cruise ship level in Uncharted 3, its topsy turvey layout as things begin to turn south and of course fleeing through the ship in a scene somewhat reminiscent of one from the Titanic Movie. It’s mesmerising and makes for some pretty epic in game screenshots!

Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20160508213524

Uncharted 3 – The EastEnders Pub Brawl

Funny enough, this scene for Uncharted 3 was my first introduction to the series following a bit of birthday present confusion from my parents. I had expressed an interest in Uncharted but doubted my ability at shooting games and instead requested the recently released Final Fantasy 13. Needless to say it was the best mistake ever made. As well as being a spectacular reconstruction of your typical London pub, as a new comer to the series (yes I played 3 first don’t judge) it did an excellent job of immersing you into the story and making you really feel for the characters.

Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20160408223625


All in all, Uncharted is filled with moments, quips and scenes that will remain with us for an age. As I mentioned before, there are plenty more memorable moments than the handful I have mentioned. Moments that make our heart skip a beat, fill us with anxiety or even relief and no doubt the recent and final instalment will be one heck of a rollercoaster ride so let’s grab our holsters, ready our notebooks and dive in!

There is just one thing I ask of Naughty Dog for the latest instalment…

Please….Please don’t include a 10 minute section devoted to walking in the desert!

Uncharted Desert

What are your most memorable moments within the Uncharted Series?
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N.B All screenshots taken in game using Photomode and the Playstation Share functionality.

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