TV Shows Coming to UK June 2016

Find out here what’s coming to UK TV in June 2016

As a lot of shows are finishing and there isn’t a lot that June has to offer. Let’s take a look and see what will be hitting our TV screens this month.

Outcast Season 1

Brought to you by Robert Kirkman who created The Walking Dead, this show is another based on one of his comic book series. The show follows Kyle Barns, a young man who has been plagued by demonic possession all of his life. He sets out on a mission to get to the root of his problem with the help of Reverend Anderson who has a few demons of his own. What Barns discovers could change his and the world’s fate forever. This exciting new TV show hits our screens on 07th June at 10:00PM on FOX UK.

The Vampire Diaries Season 7b


ITV2 stopped showing Season 7 of Vampire Diaries in 2015 for its mid-season break but didn’t return in Jan/Feb as expected. Fans have waited a long time for its return and they can see it on 08th June at 10:00PM on ITV2.

Wayward Pines Season 2

Season 2 of Wayward Pines is here. This mystery show follows two FBI agents that go missing. Find out what’s happening on 08th June at 09:00PM on FOX UK.

Orange is the New Black Season 4

The hit show brought to you by Netflix is back for a fourth season. It’s recently been renewed by Netflix u to season 7 which is quite rare. Find out what’s happening with Piper and the gang on 17th June 2016.

Our source for all of the information that you see in this article came from Geek Town, a website that’s dedicated to providing the UK with Air Dates for their favourite TV shows. Please give them a visit for a full list of TV shows of what’s to come in June 2016 and further:

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