Top 5 Legend of Zelda characters

Many characters have appeared in its many games but here are our top 5 Legend of Zelda characters!

Today we have decided to do the impossible and list our top 5 Legend of Zelda characters. Now just a disclaimer, instead of just listing the mains i.e. Link, Zelda and Ganondorf, we’re gonna dig a little deeper and explore all of the landscapes Link has taken us on upon his journeys. Let’s begin!

1# Skull Kid

The first one on the list has to be Skull Kid. Skull Kid was a certainty for this list, not only because of his cool look but also for what he represents. He’s just a mischievous little child that fell onto a troubled path. Having made appearances in Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and being the main focus in Majora’s Mask, it’s clear that he is a vital character to the series and one that we hope to see in future games. Who’s knows he could possibly pop up in the one for the Wii U. If our reason hasn’t convinced you enough, then just watch this video and you’ll soon realise why Skull Kid is our number one:

2# Postman

Who’d have thought that one of our top characters in a video game would be a Postman, but in this case, it’s essential that he is included. Having made appearances in 6 Zelda games so far, it’s clear he has an important role in the Zelda universe. Whether it’s saving a relationship, exchanging items, or fusing Kinstones, you can guarantee he will be delivering his tasks in a professional but charismatic manner.


3# Medli

One character that just had to be in our top 5 is Medli. Not only does she help Link retrieve Din’s Pearl from Prince Komali after saving Valoo from being tortured by Gohma, but she continues to provide valuable messages to Link throughout his travels. Even more kickass, she is revealed to be the Sage of Earth as well as being one of the Sages of the Master Sword. Her appearances don’t stop at Wind Waker, you can find her in Super Smash Bros. Brawl showing she is a character well liked in the Legend of Zelda universe.


4# Malon

We couldn’t create this list and not include one of the most under appreciated, hardworking Hylians/humans of the entire series; give it up for Malon! Now the reason we’re including her is because she is merely a child and yet tends to be left all on her own to accomplish major tasks such as looking after the farm, raising Cuccos or selling Lon Lon Milk. We’re pretty sure Talon should be done for child neglect and child labour, the poor lass. Alas, she never complains and remains kind-hearted and well loved by her animals. She tends to her jobs all while singing her adorable little heart out.

5# Epona

How could we create this list and not put Epona anywhere. Epona has been through many trials and tribulations with Link, but she has always kept him safe. Whether it’s crossing the land of Hyrule or Termina she has always been there for Link getting him from A to B at a quick pace. As soon as Link learns Epona’s song it’s clear that they are destined to be together side by side for as long as they both live, creating many memories that will be never forgotten.

Honourable Mentions

So here are a couple of characters that we love, but simply couldn’t squeeze them into our top 5:


??? You may think what the hell are you on about here, but ??? is very cool character that you find in Majora’s Mask, Oracle of Ages and Skyward Sword. ??? tends to be a trading character either giving you Heart Piece or a Stink Bag. In Skyward Sword, if you give ??? Cawlin’s letter it will thank you and claim to have found the love of their life! Pretty creepy since ??? is inspired from Japanese horror stories. So next time you’re in a bathroom make sure ??? isn’t there to surprise you.


We simply had to mention Error since he has become quite the meme over the years. A nice little fact, Error wasn’t actually an error within the game but infact a base for a pun with his brother Bagu; Bagu means bug in Japanese. Many thought it was a translation problem, even though that was the case, Error’s name was the only thing to translate correctly. In the Japanese version. Error actually says “My name is Error”.

Did we miss any amazing characters? Is there any that appear on your top 5 Legend of Zelda character list that we missed out? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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