What we think about the Assassins Creed trailer

An Assassins Creed trailer you say? Well lets get stuck in!

As some of you may or not know the Assassins Creed trailer for the new new movie dropped today. For those of you that want to see the trailer, here it is:

(PS: Contains obvious eagle flying around tower with surrounding towns looking beautiful scene).

You watched that now? Are there a few things you may be confused about or even frustrated about? Let me go into some of our thoughts!

First off my own initial opinion of this trailer was mediocre. This then started a discussion with some of the GeekPress team, some people thought it was good! So we decided to do some digging. I would like to say I knew nothing at all about the movie, other than it was being made. Nor do I claim to be a professional in the Assassins Creed universe (even though I’ve played every one of the main series games).

The first thing I really didn’t like was the soundtrack, I mean it totally did not go with the whole theme at all. I set this aside and thought to myself a bad trailer soundtrack doesn’t make a bad film.

Secondly at first my mind was set that this would be based on the first game, as in Desmond/Altair. This is one of the reasons I got really frustrated, the double assassin blades, the colour of his clothes, everything was wrong!

With this in mind I then came across the first thing that really stood out to me, the Animus. In the trailer its portrayed as some find of highly mechanical dark GlaDOS* type. Not the nice white clean Animus bed we know from the first game. This caused me to shun the film in my mind. The best thing about the original game is that Abstergo labs was very clean and somewhat welcoming compared to the dark and creepy one in the trailer. Back to the Animus one of the reasons the story in the game was so good was because although Desmond was being held, it didn’t come across as an actual prisoner. This Animus seemed to restrain the person using it.

Assassins Creed Movie Animus

Another thing that confused me was the fact they gave Fassbender (the guy playing the lead role) his weapons before putting him into the Animus. Surely like this seems like a bad decision on Abstergo’s part?

At this point I was thinking that this isn’t telling the story of the original film, the timelines and the look of the technology don’t match up. So myself and the team started doing some looking around.

It turns out I was wrong, this is not based on the original Assassins Creed game! The main character in this movie is Callum Lynch and he is a descendant of an assassin known as Aguilar de Nerha from 15th century Spain. This then cleared up all the of the problems I previously had with the movie and I had my head held high for seeing it.

But then my brain was rattled with other questions. Is this set in a time before the Abstergo in the first game due to the less advanced tech? Wasn’t Desmond the first one they found that had a relation to an old Assassin and they had to work their way up? What is with the communal style prison?

Assassins Creed Movie Prison

With all these in mind I am now really looking forward to the movie, now I have my facts at least. The action scenes looked pretty decent, locations looked authentic/beautiful and the movie has the feel of the game. I will be trying my best to see this in the first week of release!

The Assassins Creed movie is set to be released 21st December this year.



*Other giant talking robotic arms are available.

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