The SNES CD of legend is real!

After all this time the SNES CD is real, Nintendo and Sony’s love child.

Earlier this year we put out a news story about one of gamings all time holy grails, the supposed SNES CD prototype; which was created in the by gone era where Nintendo were set to get Sony on board alongside them to create a CD based Nintendo games console. News and images surfaced of this supposed console and people were quick to shoot down the idea that someone had this sat in their attic for such a long time and not realised. Very shortly after that a video emerged from the same guy actually recording the console as he used the footage to glance over it, people seemed a bit more accepting that this was real although that fact that the console was not turned on in the video (supposedly because the console was so incredibly rare the owner did not want to risk it) which caused some to become even more sceptical.


All of a sudden new information has emerged when we had nearly all but forgotten this turn of events and people split into the ‘it is real’ or the ‘it is not real’ groups and just got on with their daily lives. The owner of the supposed SNES CD has taken the console to Retro.HK Expo which it will be displayed and even turned on to play actual games (source: HKGolden). HKGolden also go onto say that the majority of the console is in working condition, including the disk drive and all of its inbuilt firmware allowing it to function as it would have done all them years ago.

Its safe to say now that this was no fake console when the original news aired, the console we saw originally matches identically with the one which is included in the new photographs. This is a brilliant time to be a gamer, a find like this only makes you look back at the old days of gaming and realise just how much has changed or what may have happened if Nintendo didn’t actually throw off Sony at the last minute.

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