Square Enix announces Valkyrie Anatomia

Just when I had lost all hope for a new Valkyrie game, out comes Valkyrie Anatomia!

After many years of waiting it looks like Square Enix have finally decided to bring back the Valkyrie Profile universe with the new game: Valkyrie Anatomia.

Announced by Square Enix a few days ago (some how this piece of news escaped me, apologies!) Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin looks like it will be a new game for the Valkyrie series. Not much is know as of yet, even the games teaser website is quite vague with its details. Although we can pretty safely assume that this will be a good old RPG most probably for the PlayStation 4 since a little piece of the Vita seems to be vaporising out of existence every second (unfortunately). The game is also set to have a release date of Spring 2016, for Japan at least anyway.

Valkyrie Profile Screenshot
Valkyrie Profile was a pretty unique RPG in its day and is still pretty different now!

Since the first Valkyrie Profile game the universe hasn’t done amazingly well with other lacking games (one for PlayStation2 and another for Nintendo DS) in the series not really having the same feel. Hopefully this will see an honest and welcome return to its roots! A trailer is set to be released 14th April with more information.

UPDATE 27/04/16:

Valkyrie Anatomia is now available in Japan for mobiles, here is a quick game play video just to show you how high quality the game looks!

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