Special Pokemon Edition 2DS consoles coming to the UK

Just when you thought there were going to be Japanese exclusives the Pokemon Edition 2DS consoles are coming to the UK!

A few months ago we found out that for 20th anniversary of Pokemon that the games will be getting re-released on the 3DS eShop on the 26th February as Virtual Console games. We then started to see all the cool stuff people were getting in Japan for this great occasion, one of these cool things was the Nintendo Pokemon Edition 2DS for each original Pokemon (Red, Blue and Yellow in our case) with see through cases just the the days of old.

Earlier today Nintendo UK announced on Twitter that we will be getting the Pokemon Edition 2DS consoles over here the in UK as well! Each console comes with all 3 of the original games installed.

I seriously have a massive temptation to pick one of these up, even though I already have a 3DS XL they just really appeal, I have my eye on the yellow one…

A 3DS bundle has also been announced that will come again with all the games installed. Which features the original Pokemon Red and Blue artwork as cover plates!

Pokemon 3DS Bundle

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