Sony E3 2016 press conference

Here is everything that happened at the Sony E3 2016 conference!

With Microsoft hosting a brilliant press conference this year, Sony E3 2016 had to pull out all of the stops, but how did it fair?

This year Sony have gotten their hands on the biggest stage at E3. Accompanied by a full orchestral band as well is just making the suspense too much! If all of this was going on while you were tucked up in bed, check out what happened at the Sony E3 2016 conference below.

God of War

Man Kratos is looking old (or is it Kratos?!), I suppose all god slayers get old some day! This game looks fantastic, some brilliantly in depth graphics, violent action scenes and some good old mythology, what a way to start Sony E3 2016! What seems interesting is the game displays some kind of knowledge experience system which works on when the character learns new things like how to shoot a bow for example. I kind of get a original God of War setting with some Norse mythology in there with a dash of The Last of Us which would make for a great game!

Days Gone

Next up is a game called ‘Days Gone’. This looks like one of the survival end of the world kind of games and the worlds gone to hell. With the main character coming from a biker gang past. Zombies seem to be the world ending situation this time around! That seems to be all the information we have a the moment, along with this trailer below.

The Last Guardian

Not much of the game was shown but you don’t have to wait too long to see more. The game finally has a release date of 25th October 2016!

Horizon: Zero Dawn

We also got to see a bit more about Horizon: Zero Dawn, some actual new gameplay! This included vast terrains, fluid dialog options/character conversations, and some intense fight scenes with corrupted robots. The robots/enemies also seem pretty detailed, which each one looking entirely different to the next and also having their own weaknesses you can scan. Such a unique and refreshing concept to a game, Horizon: Zero Dawn looks like one to watch. Still no release date on this yet but heres hoping we find out soon!

Detroit Become Human

Another totally new IP for Sony which they kept close to their chest. Detroit Become Human looks like a story heavy game somewhat like Heavy Rain. You are an android detective and the smallest decisions you make in game changes every little thing. We are not just talking like 1 or 2 choices like most games make out, but what looks like tens for each situation.

Resident Evil 7

Sony then moved on to some juicy PSVR news, how about a atmospheric Resident Evil VR game? I’m not talking Resident Evil’s current style of gaming, I’m talking P.T style horror, the kind of stuff that nightmares are made of. This game will have the full PSVR experience from beginning to end. The demo for the game is out now! With the full game being released 24th January 2017.

Star Wars BattleFront: X-Wing VR Mission

We also got a quick look at another PSVR exclusive game, where you control ann X-Wing through some of the classic Star Wars movie scenes. It could have been much worse, Star Wars Pod Racing anyone?

Batman Arkham VR

Well this came out of absolutely no where! Just when we thought Batman games had hung up there cape for a while out comes a Batman Arkham VR Experience! Not much information was given to us, other than Mark Hamill voicing the Joker as a little tease!

Final Fantasy XV VR Experience

We also got treated to some more Final Fantasy XV gameplay footage. Until it then switched to a first person mode which is new for any Final Fantasy main series game. The VR experience allows you to play as Prompto, one of the characters in Final Fantasy XV. No more information was given on how this would work alongside the game.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare VR

Sony then moved onto another VR game which at first did not come across as a Call of Duty game at all. It actually looks really impressive and we got to see how space combat will work. You will be able to fly spaceships and have dog fights, eject and fly into enemy ship and also fight man to man while floating in space!

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot the original game, Crash Bandicoot 2 and also Warped are getting remastered versions for Playstation 4! Its unclear yet how much of the original the remasters will take on as no actual footage was shown. Hopefully its a nice shiny remaster with improved graphics rather than them doing a complete overhaul and messing up Crash all over again!

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The demo is live right now on PlayStation 4! Go download and play it! The game is released in 2 weeks time but why not try it out!

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima was present at the Sony E3 2016! Introducing one of his new never before seen projects! Accompanied by pretty somewhat unsettling trailer, again involving Norman Reedus! At first I thought this was P.T/Silent Hills somehow! But unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be that, although there is nothing saying that it contains Hideo Kojima’s ideas from the past project.

Spider Man

Finally a reveal we did not see coming so early is the new Spider Man reboot game! Which actually look pretty competent, full of fast paced action, fluid free running, it is classic Spider Man. Thinking about it, it makes sense that there would be a game hint at E3 this year with Marvel really wanting to push this 3rd movie reboot of Spider Man.

Thats everything from the Sony E3 2016 conference this year! Some nice reveals, which actually were nice to see which how many things have leaked this year. The event itself felt very quick with very little information which seemed very unlike Sony. Still, CRASH BANDICOOT IS BACK!

Now Microsoft and Sony have their cards down on the table, with E3 now over and just Nintendo to go it will be interesting which way they decide to go. We could have the 3 top gaming companies pulling gaming in 3 completely different directions!

What did you think of Sony’s E3 event this year? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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