Some of my favourite video game character quotes

Some of these video game quotes are just great advise for life…

Kids say the funniest things don’t they? Well, I think video game characters do! I was going fill this article with the entire dialogue from the first Resident Evil for PlayStation 1  as that was pure cheese from start to finish but instead, I’ve come up with some of my favourite video game character quotes (some aren’t actually funny, rather just a brilliant quote)…

Super Mario 64

“It’s-a-me,-Mario!” (Super Mario 64 – Mario)

You’ve got to say this in your best (or worst depending how you look at it) Italian plumber accent. From the godfather in gaming, Mario delighted fans with his limited amount of quips, one liners and general noises, voiced by the fantastic Charles Martinet since 1995. Martinet said that Petruchio from William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew was an inspiration for his portrayal of Mario. Okey-dokey!

Metal Gear solid codec

 “I can’t believe I’m being hit on by the famous Solid Snake” (Metal Gear Solid – Mei Ling)

Now, not particularly amusing, this quote came from the impossibly “cute” Mei Ling over the infamous codec system in Metal Gear Solid released for the PlayStation 1. It demonstrated the maturity in the game, injecting a dose of realness to the situation Snake found himself in – a bit of harmless flirting over codec is just what’s needed in the battlefield, right?

Barry Burton Jill sandwich

“That was too close! You were almost a Jill sandwich!” (Resident Evil – Barry Burton)

Ok, I said I wouldn’t fill the whole article with quotes from Resident Evil on the PlayStation 1, but I needed this in here. Barry finds Jill trapped in a room on the first floor & helps her escape just in time as a ceiling trap was being lowered. He then comes out with this corker of a line! Who knew what Capcom were thinking, but this is one of the most famous quotes in video game history – something the character later refers to in Resident Evil Revelations 2. Still, silly quote aside, why Barry was on the first floor anyway after splitting up to go search the second is beyond me.

Zelda Navi

“Hey, Listen!” (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Navi fairy)

This quote soon became really irritating as Navi the fairy constantly bombarded Link in the Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time. Sure, Link may not say a single word, but his fairy companion did say this and say it a lot she did! It was supposed to get your attention or point out important information, I just found it annoying. Still, it brings a smile to my face to hear it.

Scorpion Mortal Kombat

“Get over here!” (Mortal Kombat – Scorpion)

One of the coolest Mortal Kombat quotes ever shouted by Scorpion as he launches a harpoon-like spear at his opponents and pulls them in for hit. It became the catch phrase of the 90’s along with the other Mortal Kombat quote – “FINISH HIM!”

Abe's Odyssey

“Follow me” (Abe’s Odyssey – Abe)

It may not be the longest quote, but still a memorable one essential to save the munchkens from their doom.

Star Fox 64

“Do a barrel roll!” (Star Fox 64 – Peppy)

From the unmatched brilliance that is Star Fox 64.



The most annoying quote to see after you finish each world, just to be told… this. Thanks Toad, thanks for nothing! This is the reason why video games make gamers violent…

Well, there you have it gamers. A selection of my favourite video game character quotes. What are your favourites? Tweet @geekpressuk

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