Pre E3 2016 gaming news 06/06/2016

E3 is just around the corner, of course, like every year, rumours and “leaks” are coming in. But, is there anything interesting in these rumours?

E3 is just around the corner, of course, like every year, rumours and “leaks” are coming in faster than Kerry Katona’s career in singing. But, is there anything interesting in these rumours? Check out below our latest slice in gaming news…

Dead Rising 4 leak

Dead Rising 4 rumours

First up, there’s been a supposed leak of Microsoft’s E3 2016 briefing, stating that Dead Rising 4 is in the works and could be exclusive to the Xbox One. It sort of makes sense after Dead Rising 3 was originally launched exclusive to the Xbox One before being released for PC. The third game in the series was a commercial success, with talks of the fourth instalment to come soon after.

An image “released” of what appears to be the promotional poster for the game, showing the series protagonist, Frank West along with the usual zombie apocalypse background and title. Rumours also suggest the game will be 4 player co-op whilst others also say the game will be a remake of the original Dead Rising.

Capcom did say it would launch three unannounced games before April 2017. One of the games is projected to sell 4 million copies as per their reports, suggesting it may come from an established franchise, though many have considered this to be the seventh game in Resident Evil series.

However, Capcom have refused to comment on the image, so we may just have to wait until E3 to find out more and if the rumours are true…!

Sony at E3

PlayStation means prizes!

Not a rumour, Sony have confirmed they will be live streaming their 3 day E3 show online at and furthermore, are giving away awesome digital goodies those who sign in with their PSN IDs starting June 14th. Well worth a shot, if you’re going to be watching anyway?

With over 60 upcoming Playstation games and VR titles and 18 hours of content to get through, sounds like Sony has their work cut out for E3.

Horizon: Zero Dawn title

Nothing worse than delays

No Man’s Sky release slipping to later this year has started a trend, seems PS4 exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn has also been delayed until 2017. (February 28th 2017 to be exact)

Sony announced the news on their blog, today along with showcasing a new trailer. Managing Director Herman Hulst for Guerilla games said the reason for the delay was to make the game better visually:

(We) “Want to ensure that Horizon Zero Dawn lives up to the visuals and gameplay quality that our games are known for. The new date affords us the extra time required to deliver fully on our ambitious vision for Horizon Zero Dawn.”

Horizon: Zero Dawn image

What do you think to the rumours and news? Will you be tuning into Sony’s stream to win prizes, or just jumping on for the ride? Does the delay to Horizon: Zero Dawn mean anything to you? And do you believe the Dead Rising 4 rumours? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to check back here for full coverage of everything E3 2016.

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