The Atari Pong coffee table of your dreams

Someone is trying to bring back Pong coffee tables into the modern day.

Someone is trying to Kickstart the most advanced Pong table you have ever seen!

Nowadays there isn’t really a focus on game coffee tables, back when I was a kid they were everywhere, pubs, hotels, you name it! They just disappeared from time, not really having a place anywhere anymore.

Although someone is now trying to change this. Gerardo Orioli is trying to Kickstart the ‘Table Pong Project‘ to bring arcade coffee tables to the modern day.

What makes this table so special? A number of things really, chances are you have never played Pong like this (which is pretty hard to believe after all these years!). This table uses magnets to propel the ball from bat to bat! On top of this the table has 4 USB connections allowing you to charge your devices while you play and also bluetooth allowing music to be streamed to it.

The project is nearly half way funded with 24 days left to go (as of 10/03/2017), and one of these beautiful machines will cost you around $1100!

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