PokeVision will help you become a Pokemon GO master

You want to catch ’em all in Pokemon GO right? Then PokeVision is for you!

We all want to be Pokemon GO masters and here is something that can help you catch ’em all!

With Pokemon GO taking off as much as it has services have been popping up everywhere claiming to help players in some way shape or form.  The main ones being services which show Pokemon on maps, a lot of these (I have found) are quite unreliable, then I came across PokeVision.

This service shows Pokemon in your location, real time! Including a countdown for each Pokemon for how long they will be around this area. Twitter has been quite behind this service with a lot of people claiming that they are finding rare Pokemon.

The GeekPress team will be heading out later today to test it out and we will update this post later with our findings!

UPDATE 23/07/16:

For the past few days I’ve been trailing PokeVision to see how reliable it actually is. To be honest the service is one of the most reliable I have come across for actually finding Pokemon. It always seems up to speed (when the servers are online) and even the timers for each individual Pokemon seem reliable.

UPDATE 30/07/16:

PokeVision has now been taken offline. It seems that this is due to a mutual agreement between the PokeVision developers, Niantic and Nintendo themselves. Along with PokeVision it seems other fan made Pokemon tracking sites and systems have also been taken offline.

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