A Collection of Pokémon Sun and Moon Theories

With the excitement of Pokémon Sun and Moon, fans and theorists have been coming up with ideas for the next gen games – we thought we’d share them!

Since the announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon, the internet has been coming up with many speculations and theories about what could be in store for these instalments. Many have been looking at the announcement footage with a fine toothed comb, and many more have been dissecting the previous Pokémon releases (such as X/Y and OR/AS) for any possible hidden clues. Me being the sucker I am for theories, as exposed in our latest podcast, thought it would be great to list some of the most thought-provoking, possibly mind-blowing or damn right crazy theories regarding the next series.

Disclaimer: I’m not going to cover any possible 7th Gen Pokémon as we could be here all day listing what is probably just fan art or hoaxes.

Pokémon Sun and Moon logos

1. The location will either be set or heavily influenced by Hawaii

There has been a swarm of support for the theory that the location of the new Pokémon games is going to be set in Hawaii. I’m not entirely sure who was the first person to post this theory, but YouTuber Bird Keeper Toby has made a couple of videos clearly depicting strong evidence to back this. The images Nintendo shown in the Pokémon Direct show off many Hawaiian themes from the vehicles to the wildlife. Also, some time ago there was a project code-named Pokémon Rainbow mentioned – Hawaii is often referenced as the Rainbow state with their license plates on their vehicles also having a rainbow featured on them. *Twilight Zone theme plays*
Pokémon vehicles

2. Missing No. is a Polynesian themed Pokémon that will be available in Sun and Moon

This one sounded a little outrageous to me at first, however, Reddit user Forsythia_Lux posted a theory a couple months back stating that Missing No. in the original games was actually meant to be a fully fledge (but later binned) Pokémon based off Polynesian mythology – A Night Marcher. Fast forward to February, we get the ability to play the original Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow via the Virtual Console. What’s more, we can transfer all Gen 1 Pokémon over to the oncoming Sun and Moon games via Pokémon Bank; this opens the possibility of Missing No. crossing over to the latest Pokémon Generation! You can read the full theory here where they explain the legendary myth of the Night Marchers.

3. The location could actually be Germany!

I know, I know – the evidence is pretty strong for Hawaii, but what if I told you there is pretty good evidence that the next instalments could be based just east of Kalos? That’s what Pokémon Insider is saying anyway! It all boils down to the mysterious Couriway Train Station. The town slogan in Japanese is “A town connecting differences” and the map description mentions the rail brings people from great distances to view the falls. If we are to look at the real life influences, TGV is a service that stops throughout France and Germany – in the Pokémon world TMV seems to be the equivalent.

This wouldn’t be the first set of Pokémon games that connects 2 neighbouring regions via a train, this ties in nicely with the last theory.

4. Sun and Moon are Johto remakes

Yes, I know HeartGold and SoulSilver are already thing but hear me out. It has been theorised for a while now that X/Y are basically Red/Blue; everything from the actual game play to the box art, it’s hard to deny that the originals weren’t used as a reference in some way. You have Santalune Forest which matches Viridian Forest layout pretty closely – you can even catch Viridian resident Pokémon within Santalune! Another nod is Lysandre is basically just Giovanni, both antagonists go into hiding after having their plans foiled. There are so many other references like the use of similar items within the villains lairs like lift keys, warp panels etc. So if Nintendo are slowly rebooting the old series again, does this mean a Johto reboot is next? The main points to back this theory are:

  • Business seems unfinished in Kalos and thus require a revisit, the way you return to Kanto after Johto.
  • Ho-oh and Lugia are generally viewed to represent sun and moon respectively.

My Theory

I basically have a mega-theory; a mash-up of all the popular theories that would create an awesome game. The Pokémon Direct trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon first lists all of the previous main series games before mentioning that “it all comes together”. What if, we do get a new Hawaiian themed region, but also get to visit not only Kalos again but ALL regions. It would make it a pretty hefty game in terms of file size no doubt, but with Nintendo shifting to DLC it would not surprise me that you will be able to download and unlock the ability to travel to other regions. I feel Couriway Station is the new Saffron City Train Station and with the Goldenrod City Train Station equivalent going to be in Sun and Moon. Plus, what other beautiful natural attraction separates two regions in the Pokémon world? Another theory, with Hoopa knocking about now it wouldn’t surprise me if portals were introduced as a means of transport to far away regions. There will probably be new legendaries taking inspiration from both Polynesian and Japanese folklore and if the new games do take inspiration from Johto, there’s probably going to be a mysterious Alph that seems extremely important but really it only contains mediocre Pokémon… Darn you Ruins of Alph!

Either that, or Nintendo and the Pokémon Company are just cashing in on nostalgia so hard because they can’t come up with new ideas; thus, possibly leading to the end of Pokémon as it regurgitates the same old games in new names over and over again…

Annnd on that note, let us know your theories for Pokémon Sun and Moon in the comments below or tweet them to us!

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