Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters are revealed

We have finally got some more information on Pokemon Sun and Moon starters, and a little look at the game!

Nintendo have just released a video showing of the Pokemon Sun and Moon starters!

It looks this in this new generation of Pokemon we will be getting a grass owl, a fire kitten and a water seal (just incase we didn’t have enough seals already!). The names of these Pokemon are Rowlet (owl), Litten (kitten) and Popplio (seal).

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

It looks like at least some amount of effort has been put into the Pokemon’s design but I think its going ot be a Litten choice for me!

The trailer also shows off some of the game which looks like in the land of 3D it is finally starting to find its feet, with decent graphics and humans actually in proportion.

There was also a reveal of the legendaries at the end of the video which look more like summons from a Final Fantasy game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is set to be released 23rd November 2016.

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