Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Review

How does the new Pokemon game on the block hold up? Find out in our Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Review.

Pokemon has always been a fan favourite of ours in all its games, shapes and forms. But has Nintendo done well with their latest push to mobile gaming with Pokemon Shuffle?

I was very nervous when I first heard that Nintendo’s unique puzzle game Pokemon Shuffle was coming to mobile devices, back then mobile apps we’re filled with in your face adds which took up close to the entire screen and mechanics which stopped you from advancing too quickly by giving you lives that come back over time or you could always pay that £3.99 to get 10 instantly.

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Luckily Nintendo have not taken to this kind of route, yeah they have in app purchases and a timed life system, but they are not all shoved in your face and also a 30 minute wait for a life to regenerate isn’t really a long time since this is the kind of game you don’t sit down and spam for multiple hours, although that Mew took some time to get!

The gameplay itself really sucks you in as the advancement through the ‘story’ (which their really isn’t much of one) is very fast and even from the start the game throws you a few challenges to get you actually thinking about your strategy. The game is somewhat still a ‘line up 3 of these same images’ kind of puzzle games but their are many things that keep it from getting boring such as particular Pokemon powers and shapes other than lines that can be activated.

A story isn’t really present in this game as I can see, this isn’t exactly a bad thing since its more of a drop in and out kind of game which can be used when you are waiting in a line at your local game store or on a train. Saying that I have spent a good time playing this late on a night unable to put my phone on the side to go to sleep due to how addictive it is!

What is pretty cool about the game is that although it looks really resource and battery intensive the game actually isn’t and hardly affects battery life. Another pretty nice thing is that the game does use mobile data but this used at the beginning and end of a level rather than throughout the entire game meaning you don’t need to worry about going over your limit!

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is out now on iOS and is due to be out on Android very soon!

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