Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow heading to 3DS virtual console

We never thought this would happen but here they come, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow for Nintendo 3DS!

For years we have eagerly awaited to play some of the older Pokemon games on our new fancy 3DS consoles. Tonight on the Nintendo Direct it was announced that Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are on their way to 3DS virtual console! Even better the games have been kept relatively the same to the original games with very similar graphics. One difference is that the new 3DS versions will allow you to trade Pokemon via wireless, no more need for them long 3rd party link cables now!

It will be interesting to see how much Nintendo will be charging for these, Nintendo could charge a high price for these and many people would pay for them.

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are coming to Nintendo 3DS on the 26th February 2016 and we look forward to playing the classics all over again!

Update: The lucky people of Japan are getting the extra Pokemon nostalgia experience by getting the Virtual Console games in actual new cases!

Pokemon Virtual Console Cases


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