Pokemon Go UK is finally here

Its here guys! Its finally here!

We have spent a good time waiting to catch our own Pokemon in real life, now we are a step closer with Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO is now live in the UK! Its time to charge your phone, grab your balls and head outside to catch hundreds of Pidgeys!

For all of you that have been playing it early by using the APK for Android or the leaked iOS app, get yourselves the official app. If you’ve have yet to download it, what are you waiting for?!

The GeekPress team have been totally addicted to Pokemon GO for the past week. Even if you are not into Pokemon you should give it a try. The game has already made me more active in day to day life and this worldwide phenomenon of a game is only going to get better! Along side this the game is actually pretty fun.

Pokemon GO is now live on iOS and Android!

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