Pokemon Go Plus delayed til September

Sorry trainers, you are going to have to wait a bit longer to get your hands on Pokemon Go Plus.

Nintendo are pushing back the release of Pokemon Go Plus to September in the UK.

Pokemon Go Plus was meant to be released over the next few days, but Nintendo have randomly come out and pushed back the release til September.

The Pokemon Go Plus is a bracelet to help you with all your Pokemon Go needs by connecting to your smartphone. Catching Pokemon without taking out your phones is one of its biggest features, although you can only catch Pokemon that you have already caught previously, you will still need to get your phone out if its a new capture. A step counter is also said to be present in the device which adds your distance walked when you reconnect the bracelet to the app.

Pokemon Go Mobile

Pokemon Go Plus has been practically sold out on the Nintendo site, with the device retailing at £35. Preorders for the bracelet are now selling on eBay for at least double that, these are going to be in high demand!

Hopefully by September Pokemon Go doesn’t suffer from the standard mobile game interest and die out before then.

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