Pokemon Co-Master is a new game for smartphones

A new type of Pokemon is on its way to smartphones; Pokemon Co-Master!

As Nintendo continues to expand the Pokemon game world with free to play smartphone games here is the newest addition; Pokemon Co-Master! The game is set to work alongside smartphones and is described as ‘strategy battle board game’ which uses Pokemon figures to battle.

Pokemon Co-Master is the name given to the game since it will also have quite an advanced AI which can be used to help you or to battle which should keep the game pretty fresh and make you stay on your toes.

Here is a better look at some of the figures that will be used with Pokemon Co-Master and they look awesome! Like an Amiibo but far more detailed and greater personality. Looking at the trailer it seems there will not be just the 4 below but a whole abundance of Pokemon.

Pokemon Co-Master Figures

The game looks like its going to try to ignite what Pokemon Rumble U tried to start with figures that can be connected with a game, although hopefully Pokemon Co-Master will do a better job! The game is set to be released in Japan the spring of this year with no word yet if the game will make it outside of Japan.

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