Pocket Card Jockey review

Is playing solitaire and riding horses as fun as Pocket Card Jockey wants us to think?

A video game where you race horses and play solitaire at the same time, it sounds like a mad game concept! Have GameFreak and Nintendo managed to pull off this game medley with Pocket Card Jockey?

I remember Pocket Card Jockey being announced, I actually got quite excited by it. It was just something that caught my eye due to its art style and also how different it looked. Now I will say that normally playing a game where you ride cute cartoon horse isn’t my thing, although this game has kept me addicted ever since I first played it!

The easiest way to put Pocket Card Jockey is that you ride a horse with RPG like stats (which keeps me happy!), these help you in a race but the majority of the time how well you do will come down to a game of solitaire. Aim of the game is simple, win ALL the races! Each race is made up of multiple games of solitaire which (depending on how well you do) give your horse more stamina, the more stamina you have the better chance you have in the final straight. At first solitaire and horse games things don’t seem like likely bedfellows at first. I can imagine that a lot of people though this but it actually works!

First off Pocket Card Jockey is very fun to play, something as simple as solitaire is made important and urgent due to how much it affects the game and also the very finely tuned time limit. I personally felt involved with the main character and setting even though the story is nothing to shout about, for a a game like this I don’t think story plays a big part but it kept me interested.

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Actually playing a race (which you will spend 90% of the time doing) is where the game shines. A pretty nice balance has been found between the puzzle aspect of cards and the strategic aspect of positioning your horse. This makes every little move you make feel like it affects the entire outcome of the race.

Multiple mode types are present in the game although the majority of these are still the playing solitaire to either make money or level up your horse. This is a tad disappointing as the game can get quite repetitive every now and then. Especially when near the start of the game it decides it would be fun to not so much turn up the difficulty, it takes the difficulty knob and turns it round multiple times, rips it off and throws it away.

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