PlayStation VR price has been leaked… Maybe

There is defiantly one way to get at least a peak of information about the PlayStation VR price, Sony are not giving us any!

Looks like someone has made a slip up again and it’s is of course Amazon, Amazon Canada in fact! Seen earlier today on the site Sonys new toy the PlayStation VR was listed for $1,125.35 (Canadian Dollors) and was soon removed from the site as quality as possible. This comes to £549.04 (current rate as of post) which would be in a believable price bracket. It is possible that this was just an error on Amazons side and someone just pressed the button a bit to early, $1,125.35 does seem like a weird price n

Sony have since come out and said that it was an error on Amazons side and that they haven’t given anyone a price for what their virtual reality headset will cost but the device will still be released in the first quarter of this year.

Feel like if the last part of that is true then Sony are playing a dangerous game holding their cards so close to their chest when coming towards a major product release, nothing was even said at CES 2016!

Hopefully some more reliable information will be released by Sony soon as this little peice of kit will be straight on my preorder this with how much fun we had at EGX 2015.

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