Our Top 16 Video Game Glitches, Myths and Conspiracies

Join us as we look over a few of our favourite video game glitches, myths and conspiracies.

Over the many years of video gaming there have been countless hours of enjoyment for people all over the world. However, for a select few there have been stories of strange occurrences, questions asked and conspiracy theories coined through creepy pasta and other sites. Join us as we look over a few of our favourite video game glitches, myths and conspiracies.



Killswitch is a game that was supposedly created by Soviet gaming company Karvina Corporation in 1989 with very little copies ever being produced. The game is believed to be one of the first survival horrors ever made. The two choices of characters to play as were a small girl or an invisible demon. The idea of the game was to get through a coalmine. Sounds pretty standard, right?

One of the many creepy details about Killswitch was that upon beating the game the entire thing would self-delete. Supposedly, an intact copy of the game turned up on Ebay where it was bought for $733,000 by a Japanese man named Yamamoto Ryuichi. Ryichi wanted to document his play-through of the game on YouTube, but the only video Ryuchi posted was of himself weeping while staring at his computer screen.

Haunted Copy of Majora’s Mask

Majora's Mask

Many fans of gaming remember Majora’s Mask on the Nintendo 64 but one user from 4Chan had an entirely different experience when playing the game. A story was posted on 4Chan about how the user came into possession of an N64 cartridge with ‘MAJORA’ written on it. I’ve heard 2 different stories of how he came into possession of the cartridge. The first was that a neighbour had given it to him from a child that had passed away and the second is that it was found in the house that he had moved into with his family. A save file entitled “Ben” was already on the cartridge. The user started a new game. During gameplay all of the non-playable characters kept referring to the user as Ben. Probably just a glitch in the game …

The user deleted the “Ben” file and started a brand new game. The cartridge did not like this and sprung to life. Appearing to have a mind of its own the cartridge began acting erratic. Music would play backwards, the player’s character would be followed by a statue and strange things appeared where they shouldn’t. The user decided not to play the game for a while.

When returning to the game the user found another save title which he had not created and was also not there before. It was not titled “Ben” this time but was ominously titled “drowned.” Accessing the freakishly unknown save file his character would simply die and the messages “You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?” would appear on-screen.

This is an imagining of the story which goes into more detail:

FFVIII: Squall is Dead Theory

Squall is Dead

Squall is the hugely popular protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII of which gamers enjoyed the fresh story and deeply troubled characters. One fan enjoyed the game so much so that he coined the theory that Squall is actually killed off during the game and the events that follow are how he imagines things were meant to play out. At the end of disc one Squall is impaled by a shard of ice while fighting Edea at the parade in Galbadia. Squall awakens at the beginning of disc two in prison with no wounds. Not a single other character brings up the impalement or anything.

The theory that Squall died from his wounds at the end of disc one and the rest of the game is Squall’s dream during his final moments before passing away. The theory also suggests that the first disc of the game was very grounded but from the beginning of disc two things started to get quite whacky and imaginative. The theory is further backed up at the end of the game when the image of Squall with a black hole for a face appears.

Read more on the theory here: http://squallsdead.com/

FFVII: Cloud Killed Aerith Theory

Aeris Dead

It’s one of the best video games in history and also has one of the most prolific character deaths. Of course it’s Final Fantasy VII. That dramatic scene: Aeris is praying for Holy, Sephiroth descends, his masumane goes through her back, she slumps forward as Holy falls out of her hair and bounces down the altar and into the water below. We’ve all played it, we all know it and we all are scarred by it. So how would you feel if we told you that there is a theory out there suggesting that Sephiroth did not kill Aeris but Cloud did! Bear with us on this one …

So the idea is that no blood comes out of Aeris. The theory suggests that the sword severs her spinal cord at an exact point that stuns her. Her eyes close due to shock from the injury.

I like to think of this theory as false because when Aeris descends into the water we see no air bubbles from her face. Plus, like many other fans I’m sure, I don’t like the idea that Cloud killed Aeris!

Pacman Level 256

Pacman Level 256

This is a very famous and very true glitch in video game history. One of the original and most iconic games of all time even has a glitch! Pacman is designed to have no end but when the player reaches level 256 the game meets an abrupt end as the picture above happens and the right hand side of the screen is jumbled. This happens because the game is an 8-bit integer which can only reach a maximum of 255 scrambling the game and the players chance of progressing. The same thing happens on Ms. Pacman where only the ghosts and Ms. Pacman herself are visible on the screen, no dots or maze.

The level 256 glitch is very famous in popular culture with t-shirts, posters and more replicating the image. The level is that popular that a new Pacman game was recently released that is based on the infamous level to celebrate the 35 year anniversary!

Pokemon Lavendar Town Music

Back in 1996 Pokémon Red and Blue/Green was being played on nearly every Gameboy around the world. It was a great time witnessing the birth of a new super franchise that is still going strong nearly 20 years on. This fan conspiracy suggests that there are a few people who do not have the fond memories of the early days of Pokémon that we have. When the game first dropped in Japan it was supposedly linked to a massive spike in child suicides and illness. Children from the ages of 7 to 12 were either falling sick or taking their own lives outright, or so the legend goes.

The most bizarre thing about the incident was the children did not fall ill or commit suicide until they reached spooky Lavender Town. Many think the town’s score caused nausea and eventually suicidal tendencies in children. The music was eventually changed before it was shipped abroad. The above YouTube clip is the original score from the Japanese version of the game was shipped overseas. The above clip is taken from the original suicide-inducing version of the game.

Blowing The Cartridge


While the instruction booklet that came with every early Nintendo title explicitly instructed against blowing into your game cartridge, that didn’t stop us in the 80s and 90s removing the cartridge every time the game froze and blowing away at it like we were playing harmonicas. The reason behind all of the huffing and puffing had to do with the front-loading design of the Nintendo consoles and connector pins from console to cartridge not lining up. Blowing in your console usually came with an excess of moisture from all that spit in your mouth. The moisture enabled greased the pins to align making your saliva soaked copy of Super Mario World work again.

Fallout 3 Predicts The Future


Bethesda’s Fallout 3 was a popular post-apocalyptic RPG, but was it also capable of telling the future? Throughout the game players pick up radio signals in the wasteland of former Washington D.C. The function of the radio serves as a means of broadcasting old pop-songs, updating missions, and generally working to build a fuller game world.

The device often says about events in the game with broadcasts about the Queens’ passing but the device has predicted real life events before they occurred. Apparently the codes predicted the Deepwater Horizon oilrig disaster right down to the day and hour and also Gary Coleman’s death!

Naked Lara Croft

Lara Croft

One of the most famous video game myths that ever existed was the naked Lara Croft. Rumours circulated back in the day that a Tomb Raider cheat code existed to make Lara Croft appear with no clothing. Thousands of teenage boys searched the game, internet and magazines far and wide for this code but it simply could not be done!


Polybius was an arcade game that was released in the early 80s but in a very limited amount but only in a few streets in the surrounding areas of suburban Portland, Oregon. If that isn’t strange enough for you it is said that Polybius would cause players to suffer vivid nightmares and, in some cases, suicidal tendencies. Thanks to an extremely powerful strobe effect in the arcade machine players could find themselves fighting epileptic seizures along with the psychological side effects that the game dished out. It is also said that once a week men dressed in black would come through and collect the data stored on the game’s memory.

Polybius soon disappeared and has retired to the realm of conspiracy. Some say the machine was released by DARPA (the same government agency behind MK-Ultra) to test response to psychoactive machines. Below is a video showcasing what it was like:

Polybius could have been real but could have been legend. Either way it’s a pretty famous story, so much so that it has even popped up in The Simpsons!

Polybius Simpsons

FFVIII: Rinoa is Ultimecia

Rinoa Ultimacia

Final Fantasy VIII was mentioned earlier on in the article but another popular theory has come out of the popular game. In the game Rinoa is our female protagonist who ends up becoming a sorcerer later in the game. Evil sorceress Ultimecia is the antagonist from the future whose goal is to compress time and become a God ruling all time past, present and future. The theory is that Rinoa and Ultimecia are the same person.

The theory is that Rinoa turned evil after some tragic event after the game such as Squall’s death. Rinoa may not have travelled to the future but has lived longer due to her powers. Some logic to back this theory is that they are both the only sorceresses with wings that we see and they both have the same facial structure. Rinoa also says in the game “I don’t want the future. I want the present to stand still. I want to stay here with you.” This is Ultimecia’s goal, is it not? During the final battle of the game against Ultimecia she summons a GF that happens be called Griever. This is the same name as the ring Squall gave Rinoa.

The creators could be teasing or reinforcing the theory that because in Final Fantasy Dissidia Ultimecia’s weapons have the same name as RInoa’s. However, Square Enix have stated that this theory is not true. Still it’s a cool theory!

Read the whole theory here: http://fantheory.net/rinoa-is-ultimecia-final-fantasy-viii/

Final Fantasy: 0 HP Means Death

FFIX Battle

This is one that has been debated for a very long time. In every Final Fantasy game you battle against monsters, bosses and different characters. We’ve all had the pleasure of one or more characters reaching 0 HP and quickly rummaging through our items to find phoenix downs before the enemy attacks again and takes out another character and we’ve all experienced it when we weren’t fast enough and all of our characters reach 0 HP.

People argue that when a character reaches 0 HP they are dead until you bring them back with a phoenix down. However, others say that your character has merely fainted. There are valid arguments for both sides. The argument for death is that the item used to bring back a ‘dead’ character is called a phoenix down. Phoenix literally means brining something back to life. The ‘fainted’ point is backed up by character deaths in the game’s story. If all it takes is for a phoenix down to bring a character back then why didn’t they just use one on Aeris?

This argument has recently been cleaned up. In the earlier games 0 HP status was apparently called death but nowadays it is stated that your character has lost consciousness. The correct description in Final Fantasy XII is as follows:

“The character has lost consciousness and cannot move or act. Remove with a tuft of Phoenix Down.”

The World of Pokemon Was Ravaged By War

Pokemon Surge War

Pokémon was mentioned earlier on in our article but it seems one of our favourite franchises has a lot of conspiracy theories! From Cubone and Kangaskhan being related, Ditto being a failed clone of Mew and the guy you encounter at the entrance to every gym is secretly Ash’s father … the theories of Pokémon are endless. I’ve picked the below though as I feel it was one of the more interesting theories.

Something to think about in Red, Blue and Yellow … where the hell are the adults in this game? As a 10 year old you travel across the Kanto region without any adult supervision. More importantly, other than Prof. Oak, where are all the adult males? The theory is that Pokémon actually takes place at the end of a global war. One of the biggest clues to support this theory is that both Ash, and his rival, Gary, have no male parent figure throughout the game. The Pokémon trainers are all very young, officers and nurses are all female and any men you encounter are members of Team Rocket.

Another large clue is in the Vermillion city Gym Leader, Lt Surge, a clearly damaged veteran. Right before you battle him, Surge states “my electric Pokémon saved me during the war” reinforcing this theory.

Sonic The Hedgehog Glitches

Sonic Human Face

Sonic CD was released in 1993 which was one of the few games released on the Sega CD and gave the Mega Drive extra capacity for better graphics, music and memory. One of the things supposedly found on the actual disc for Sonic CD was a screen featuring Sonic’s body with a stretched human face on it, accompanied by Japanese text reading: “Fun is Infinite with Sega Enterprise” and some extremely unsettling music. A different myth involving our favourite blue mascot is a story on creepy pasta called Sonic.exe about a bizarre Sonic 3 mod which features an evil demon-like sonic and a lot of blood.

Neither of these rumours are very popular or believable but we can’t help but include Sonic The Hedgehog on our list!

Sonic 3 Blood

Pokemon MissingNo.


Let’s visit Pokémon one last time! MissingNo. Is a very famous glitch in Pokémon Red and Blue where the player encounters a Pokémon and the game tries to access data of a Pokémon that simply does not exist. The glitch is said to cause graphical errors, mass item replication of whatever item is in sixth place of the players’ inventory or even deletion of the players’ save file. MissingNo. can be captured. It will appear in the Pokémon index as ID number 000 and can be used in battle using moves and abilities.

While Nintendo themselves have warned that MissingNo. can cause disruption to gameplay many players have sought out the mysterious Pokémon in its habitat near Cinnabar Island. It’s popular because it’s not a myth but it’s a real glitch that you can hunt and capture. There’s a lot of fan theories about the mysterious thing which are all very good. The most popular is that it is a deleted Pokémon that didn’t make the cut which also sounds like the most realistic theory. Another is that the inclusion was deliberate as the Pokémon is located near Cinnabar Island which is home to the lab that revives fossils and even engineered new and legendary Pokémon Mewtwo. Either way this gaming glitch is one of the most famous and possibly favourite in history!

Mario Jumping Over The Flagpole

Mario Over Flagpole

Last but not least we had to include Nintendo’s mascot and perhaps the most recognisable video game character of all time: Mario. One of the long held myths about the original Mario game on the NES has been proven to be true!

You may remember at the end of each level when you would reach the end and climb up the steps to jump to the top of the flagpole and watch Mario proceed to the next level. In total there are 24 flagpoles in the game but only one can be completely jumped over. World 3-3 is that one proven opportunity to jump the flag. So what happens when you clear it? Well, Mario can continue to run and run without triggering the end of level. But all is not good as the timer continues to count down until that time when Mario is killed and you need to start over.

All in all it’s a pretty cool old legend that is true but it ultimately ends in Mario being killed and you having to restart the level making it not so cool.

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