Our no spoiler Deadpool review

Has the Merc with the Mouth been given bit screen justice? Find out in our Deadpool review.

Its now currently at the time of writing this post 2:24pm on the 10th February. Myself, Molly and Sam have just got back from our second showing of the Deadpool movie on day one of release. This was the one we have all been waiting for, sitting on the edge of our seats, seems like only yesterday we got the ‘leaked’ trailer. The movie was something that not too long ago seemed to have 0% chance of ever happening, but now the movie is out but does it live up to the hype? Lets us tell you in our NO SPOILER Deadpool review.

So Deadpool himself, how does he translate well on the big screen?

‘Very well’ is what I would have to reply with! Ryan Reynolds, Robert Liefeld and the rest of the crew have done a brilliant job in getting the fabled ‘Merc with the Mouth’ exactly how you would expect him to be from his comics and even games. He is just as filthy mouthed, witty, violent and also 4th wall breaking as he ever, which was great to see since one of my major concerns was that they would have really dumbed down his character for a potentially casual audience.

Deadpool Review

How does the actual story hold up?

A film character like this needs their origin story, this film does have some character background but a few of the basics of Deadpool’s origin are just vague or even ignored. It doesn’t help that the first half of the movie flips between past and present, its easy to keep up with but you feel as its starting to get juicy that it will change back to Deadpool’s origin story. Other than these small gripes the story is actually pretty spectacular and never gets boring, not even for a second! The majority of the characters are faithful and interesting, especially Colossus which was presented really well.

Give me a summary!

In summary, Deadpool does bring something new to the superhero movie formula. It was able to not take itself too seriously while still keeping an engrossing plot. Quite a few of the great movie jokes we could unfortunately see coming since the trailers we have watched over the past few months basically give a good bit away. The story is solid and accompanied by Ryan Reynolds brilliant representation of the Deadpool we all know and love, this is a film you MUST see!

Have you seen the movie yet? Do you think it met your expectations? Did we leave something out of the Deadpool review? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments!

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