Nintendo Treehouse: E3 2016 Day Two Summary

Day 2 of the Nintendo Treehouse streamed to the massed and it was every other titles’ time to shine. Most importantly, Pokémon GO!

That’s a wrap! Day 2 for Nintendo Treehouse came to an end and finished on a high! Since Day 1 focused on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokémon Sun & Moon, they dedicated the second day to all the other games they are releasing over the year.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO

They kicked things off with a Q&A with Miyamoto, Niantic developers and some people that have had the lucky chance of testing it out, one of them being YouTuber JWitzz. We got a small live demonstration on how part of the game will work and some comments on the future of the app.

It’s funny to think that Pokémon GO first started out as a Google April Fools’ 2 years ago, but here we are seeing photographic proof of people seeing Pokémon while walking their dogs. One of the first things we learn is it’ll first start off with the original 150 Pokémon. This decision was made in the light of 20th anniversary. They thought it would be a great nostalgia kick for the older audience, whilst also being new and exciting for the younger generation who don’t know the originals just yet. But before you start to whinge that your favourite X generation Pokémon isn’t going to be in Pokémon GO, Nintendo did confirm that later generations will gradually be added.

The demo

We were then treated to a small live demo of app and how it’ll look. We saw the Pokédex, how Pokémon will look in the camera feature and the map view. It didn’t look any different from the screenshots we’ve seen shared and leaked so if you’ve been following all the dribs and drabs of info over the months then this is nothing new for you.

One thing we did learn though is that you can control the spin, direction, and strength/power of the Pokéball. When honing in on a Pokémon, a yellow inner circle starts to fluctuate in size. The smaller the circle the chances of catching the Pokémon are greater.

Pokémon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus device

Pokémon Go Plus is a blutooth device that can interact with the Pokémon Go app without the need to look at your phone. Nintendo want you to go out and explore, you know, actually see the world with your eyes and not be glued to your phone. So this nifty little device will flash green when a Pokémon is near by and pressing the button will throw a Pokéball at it for you. But this isn’t a guaranteed catch; if you are successful it’ll flash in rainbow to celebrate. However, if you fail it will flash red to let you know just how much you fail, salt in the wound and all that.

Release confirmation

So when and where is this going to be available I hear you cry. End of July is the aim for Pokémon Go Plus; Now they just said the Plus not the app, the goal is to have the app out beforehand but nothing is set in stone. The Plus will be sold online and in some retailers but no names were dropped. When asked how much it will cost they simply said 34.99; it’s safe to assume that would be dollars but don’t be surprised if it turns out to be £34.99 over here in the UK.

Other features

Back to the app, the evolution process for Pokémon is different from the main games. Trainers can power up and evolve their Pokémon with candies; you earn these candies by catching more Pokémon. For example, catching 25 Squirtle will grant you 25 Squirtle candies and that will allow Squirtle to evolve into Wartortle.

For the social types, there are plans to incorporate group events where can work together with other trainers towards a goal. And you will be glad to know that trading will be implemented at a later date.

That was pretty much all the info we could squeeze from the Pokémon GO Q&A. It was short but sweet; just enough to wet the appetite and get us excited for July!

 Monster Hunter Generations

So there was nothing really new shown in the Monster Hunter Generations demonstration. But you will be glad to know the game isn’t going to be delayed over here in the UK, praise the powers that be! 4 person multi-play was live streamed, showing off the different sub-classes available in the game. Oh and just a little something for you Hunters out there, a demo for Monster Hunter Generations will be released 30th June! However, if you have a My Nintendo account you can get your hands on the demo right now! So check your emails or head to this link here to get your copy:

What else was on show?

Many other games were shown off during the live stream, some we already knew of and some new!

Ever Oasis

Nintendo surprised us with a new IP titled Ever Oasis. From the snippet we got, we get a very Animal Crossing, meets Final Fantasy, meets Zelda vibe. You oversee a village (Animal Crossing), explore dungeons (Zelda) and fight in a team that you can alternate between (Final Fantasy). We weren’t just given a trailer either! No, we were graced with some gameplay footage which you can watch below:

Didn’t fancy wading through 8 hours worth of live stream? Don’t worry, you can find all the segments on the Nintendo YouTube channel! Here you can find:

To end on a high, Nintendo finished the stream with more The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game play. More Shrines were covered, but no new details were really spilled.

So that concludes the Nintendo Treehouse E3 Showcase! What was your favourite moment from the two days? Anything you wished Nintendo announced? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter!

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