Nintendo and Sony Console of myth

The holy grail of gaming has been found, the Nintendo and Sony console that never was!

Its not every day you see a console prototype, what is even rarer is when they are from an endeavour by 2 (now very big) games companies that many young people who are into gaming could not even comprehend, a Nintendo and Sony console. This probably has a lot of you puzzled, the story is that in 1988 Nintendo started a deal with Sony. Nintendo wanted to move to a disk based gaming system so they brought Sony in to design them a CD add-on for the SNES (known as the SNES CD). This had several years of development before Sony came out with their own independent console, the PlayStation, which would also be compatible with SNES games. After some unknown failings out between the 2 companies Nintendo decided to ditch Sony and replace them with one of their biggest rivals of the time, Philips (which in the end did also not get released).

These images popped up on NeoGAF and are apparently from the son of the father that developed the prototype. Where ever it has come from it is amazing to see such a big part of gaming history, something that people didn’t even know about and especially something that a lot of people would think you were crazy if you started speaking to them about it in the current day, ‘A Nintendo and Sony console? Are you mad?!’. Personally I think the retro gaming would should give this guy a pat on the back for sharing this, we might not be able to play it but as least we can see pictures from a future that could have been, Sony and Nintendo working together, now that would be a force to be reckoned with!

SNES CD Controller




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