Netflix Have Made Socks to Detect When You Fall Asleep

Netflix can tell when you fall asleep!

Are you annoyed when you’re watching Netflix and you fall asleep to wake up and find the show you’re watching has gone through a few episodes? Hate scrolling back to find out where you were? Well fear no more …

Netflix have created a pair of socks that detects when you’ve fallen asleep and will pause where you’re at. The website suggests a variety of different socks that have different designs based on the streaming service’s original TV shows such as BoJack Horseman, Daredevil, House of Cards and more. There’s a mechanism built into the socks that detects movement. It knows if you’ve fallen asleep because you haven’t moved for a while and will send a signal to your TV to pause or turn Netflix off. So what if you’re being a sloth and just haven’t moved for a long time while binge watching? A red light will appear on the socks when it’s about to send a signal to your TV so if you move it will detect that you’re still awake.

So what’s the downside? Well the kit is DIY, you can’t just buy a pair and have them work. The reason being you need to programme to socks to make them send the signals to your TV. You can’t even buy the socks on their website, you have to knit them yourself! Hopefully in time if the idea takes off then Netflix will provide you with the kit to get started including ready made socks. Either way it’s a cool idea and Netflix is willing to provide you with all of the details to help you make the socks.

You can find more information about the socks and how they work here. Check out the video below:

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