NES Visual Compendium brings the nostalgia

A visual tribute to the NES? Count us in with the NES Visual Compendium!

The NES Visual Compendium is a Kickstarter campaign with the aim to show the beauty of the NES generation.

As many of you will already know there is something beautiful about the look of NES games. The vibrant colours, the amount of imagination used by designers, the beautiful pixel art. You can now return to the nostalgia of the NES days with BitmapBooks Kickstarter, the Nintendo Entertainment System Visual Compendium.

NES Visual Compendium

This 434 page book will be a historical tribute to the NES. Everything from box art to game design this book will be filled with high quality prints showcasing one of the best eras of gaming. Just have a look at these mock designs for some of the book’s spreads, the just looks beautiful!

NES Visual Compendium Zelda

NES Visual Compendium Disk System

The book will also be dipping into the history of the NES, even touching on the Japanese Famicom and the Famicom Disk System.

The Kickstarter has been fully funded and then some, with the project currently over £130,000 backed from its original £25,000 goal. The project still has any days left and also many rewards for you to throw your cash at so if you are a fan of the retro years check it out. You can currently pledge £25 to get the soft cover version of the NES Visual Compendium, for a book of this kind of quality that is a steal!

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