Neko Atsume – A Review

Neko Atsume – because being a crazy cat person in real life isn’t enough. Here’s a review of the game that’s taken the internet by storm.

Ahhh Neko Atsume, because being a real life crazy cat lady wasn’t good enough for me. Neko Atsume is exactly what it says on the tin – a kitty collecting game. I was pretty late to the hype train, the game was originally released in Japan back in October 2014, with an English translation released in October 2015. I, however, only got my hands on it in January 2016 after seeing loads of memes and Tumblr posts about it. (Yay for Google Image search).
After playing it for about 2 months and collecting 48/49 cats, I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on this adorable game.



There’s nothing complex about Neko Atsume and there wasn’t or isn’t any plan for it to be. The developer, Yutaka Takasaki, created the game with the goal that everyone should be able to enjoy it without any major investment of time or effort. The concept is simple, use your fish (currency) to buy food and toys to lure cats to your virtual garden. After said cats have visited, they will reward you with fish in return so you can buy more items.

You have a cat book to fill also, giving this Gotta Catch ‘Em All vibe – when a cat visits, an entry will be created in the cat book. You can use the camera option in the menu to take a picture of the cat to go with the entry. Depending on what items you have on display will determine what kind of action your cat will do, thus creating lots of hilarious photoshoot opportunities. *insert all Tumblr captioned screenshots ever*

After a cat has visited a certain number of times it will bring you a Memento, these can range from a ribbon to a cicada skin…yeah. You also get to rename a cat after it has visited too; I was dying to rename Lady Meow Meow to Anna Wintour as soon as I laid eyes on it. As mentioned, fish is your currency in this game. There are 2 types of fish: silver and gold. Gold fish can buy you premium items that rarer cats are more likely to come visit for. You can earn gold fish naturally by racking up 500 silver fish and exchanging them 10 gold fish at a time, or you can use your actual money and buy more – depends how impatient you are. Bottom line is, you can play this game entirely for free for the sake of waiting. Note: There’s an option to enter a daily password which will give you fish upon entering the password, and when you enter 5 daily passwords consecutively you receive even more fish!

So there are 49 cats so far to collect, 17 of which are regarded as rare. Each cat prefers certain toys or types of food; sometimes it’s a combination of the two, sometimes they’re not fussy about what they eat but will only play with a certain toy. Not going to lie, I used a guide because I wasn’t willing to wait years to collect the fish money to buy all the items. As of writing this post, I am only waiting on Frosty to show up.


It’s basically a cat paradise for cat lovers, so if you’re not really a fan of cats or cute drawings then you probably wont really understand or appeciate the game. I personally find Neko Atsume quite soothing to play, albeit, I might only be on the app for 2 minutes max but the cute graphics and music somehow neutralise me.

There is loads of replay value in the game if you’re a sucker for collecting things. I never used to be, but recently with the resurge of the original Pokémon I’ve become quite the completionist. Even after you collect all the cats, all the mementos and even bought all the items – you will probably still want to come back to try capture a better/funnier photo of yours cats for your cat book.

Overall, it’s a quirky yet fun little game that I will be sad to be bored of, if more cats aren’t added after I have fully collected everything. It’s perfect for the casual gamers and crazed cat lovers. Now if only Frosty will come visit me!!


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