Who Did Negan Kill? Our Favourite Theories!

Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo, it’ll be October until we know!

Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo, it’ll be October until we know …

Unless you have been living on the moon the past couple few weeks you would have seen or heard about The Walking Dead. You would have heard how one of the most anticipated episodes introduced a fantastic evil character. You would have also heard that there was a big cliff hanger in that we didn’t find out who Negan has killed. There has been a big backlash from some fans saying that the cliff hanger ruined Negan’s entrance.

Putting all of the controversy aside, we’ve been reading some theories online about who will get the chop in the Season 7 opener. Supposedly only the producers currently know and described the fallout of the character death as huge. Norman Reedus also apparently knows for some reason (clue maybe?). We can rule out Rick and Carl straight away according the some of Negan’s final lines about cutting Carl’s eye out and feeding it to Rick. That leaves 9 more characters … Let’s take a look at some of the theories.



We think Aaron is safe. Sorry to say that it’s a fan favourite that is being killed and while we like Aaron we don’t think his death will be the impact that this scene needs.



Abraham seems to be the name appearing most other than Glenn’s. Abraham stood up to Negan and showed him that he has no fear making fans think that this would anger Negan. Not only this but if you want to intimidate a group and make them feel powerless you want to take out the biggest and strongest member, in this case Abraham. It also seems fitting considering that he had a few heartfelt moments in the season 6 finale. There’s also a theory online that Abraham will be the one due to it being foretold by the can of drink that Denise found called Orange Crush. Seeing as the red-head was meant to be killed in the scene where Denise was, this theory might not be all that crazy.



Sasha has been in the show for a long time. She’s been through a lot losing both her brother and her lover which sent her into depression. She seems to be on the other side now after getting with Abraham and even discussed the notion of having children. While fans seem to think it’ll either be Glenn, Daryl or Michonne, Sasha still could be the character who may just be the one to go.



Eugene has recently become a hero but his supposed upcoming relationship with Rosita makes us think that he won’t be the victim. However, he had a few heartfelt moments in recent episode which could mean he will feel the wrath of Lucille. It would also be fitting of him coming full circle having recently becoming a hero.



Much like Aaron we think that Rosita is safe. This is for one of two reasons. The first is because of the fan favourite rumour and while we think Rosita is great I wouldn’t classify her as a fan favourite. The second reason is because in the comics Rosita ends up with Eugene and we would really like to see how this would play out.



I originally believed that Daryl would be the one to suffer Lucille’s wrath. After all he is a fan favourite meaning his death will give Negan’s entrance the powerful punch that it deserves. We hope not though as everybody loves Daryl and fans have threatened to riot on numerous occasions if the character ever meets his demise. We must remember that he doesn’t exist in the comics so we don’t know what his fate holds. Let’s also not forget that Daryl blew up a whole lot of Saviours on the road and Negan may just want to take him out as revenge.



The obvious choice being that Negan kills Glenn at this point in the comics. Fans have been brightening the background of the final shot and it’s made them believe that it’s Glenn due to what’s in the background. Also when Negan makes the first strike and the camera goes down there’s two rocks on the ground that, in a previous shot, look like they are by the knees of Glenn.



The producers of the show have said that we will find out what is wrong with Maggie and the baby in the upcoming season making her death very unlikely. I still like the theory that Glenn is the one who is killed so that Negan and Maggie can raise the baby who becomes … Batman! Yes, we’ve read a lot of theories and we’re not insane for those of you that haven’t seen Batman vs. Superman. The actors who play Negan and Maggie play Bruce Wayne’s parents in the film. In a nutshell, we don’t think it’s Maggie.



With Michonne taking on the comic-Andrea role by being involved with Rick we don’t think that she will be killed off. Rick got with Jessie and she met her demise and I think it would be silly to kill her off when she has a whole lot of storyline left to play with. That being said she is a strong female lead that everybody loves and her death would be a very emotional one for everybody involved.


We could sit here and go through all of the theories online no matter how ridiculous some of them are, we could go through all of the YouTube videos, we could analyse everything in the final scene and we still won’t know for sure until October. Some fans still think that it may be Carl based on the final words of Negan in that he implied about cutting Carl’s eye out before the killing. Either way it’s going to be a long wait and, while I don’t want to see any of these characters go, I hope that the death is not in vein and most importantly, I hope it isn’t leaked beforehand!

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