Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta Impressions

Are you ready for a smashing time in the city of Glass, we check out the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta

Having played Mirror’s Edge Catalyst beta this weekend I thought it would be a good idea to some my initial impressions I have of the game.


If you’ve played the previous Mirror’s Edge and loved the gameplay as much I did then there’s nothing to fear. The same principle applies, you run just by pointing the left analog stick in the direction you want to head too. To jump its left bumper/L1 and to roll is left trigger/lL.

What has improved though is when it comes to combat. The fighting mechanics are a lot more up to date, being able to dodge, kick and punch away at enemies. And to make things even better, you as Faith can’t use weapons. It feels allot more authentic and challenging as a runner.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story

If you were like me and wondered will they be doing a sequel or a prequel when it comes to this Mirror’s Edge game, well you may be surprised to hear It’s neither. In fact what I’ve taken from the beta so far is that it’s a re-telling of Faith’s story in a new light and how she became a runner. Not much was given away in the few hours of the beta but I can tell you this, I’m very eager to see how this story is going to unfold.


Visual Style/Graphics

You will be pleased to hear that this new Mirror’s Edge game follows in the footsteps of it’s predecessor, with it’s beautifully portrayal of the the city’s surroundings, giving each object’s colour, the perfect touch of paint making you wish you were there in the city of Glass yourself.  

What makes this game super cool as well is that you are no longer going through levels as you explore the city of Glass, the city of Glass is the level, giving you the option to literally travel to anywhere in the city you see.

As much as I did enjoy the visual styles and graphics I must note I did experience some frame rate issues when watching small video clips and such on the Xbox One. I’m hoping this was due to it being a closed beta, but if you are anything like me, you may want to wait and find out what other people think of the game before deciding which version of the game you get.

City of Glass

Closing points

I know for sure that fans of the original are going to love this and for newcomers, the telling of this story may be ideal as it’s not a direct sequel to the original. But for now I’m heading back to the city of Glass for one more evenings exploration. Be sure to check out our review, once the game finally lands June 9th.

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