Miitomo – A review

After a week of playing Miitomo, we share our inner most thoughts about the app.

It’s been exactly a week since the UK launch of Miitomo. Rather than review it after only 5 minutes of game play, I thought I would ride it out and see what Miitomo has to offer for the long term.


So what is it all about?

Miitomo is a very simple game, once you have set up your Mii and added some friends, it’s either answer questions or listen to questions. The questions range from light-hearted to sometimes soul-cripplingly deep that bring on all sorts of feels. A fair few questions can be misinterpreted as they’re not always clear, like the “how many flowers can you see?” question, and this can lead to some peculiar answers. One thing is for sure, you do see sides of friends you never knew existed!

What else does it have to offer?

Not only can you listen to your friends answers in Miitomo, you can also like and comment on them. Certain words and emojis trigger your Mii to emote which is hilariously adorable.

Mini-games wise, there are only a few money-drop style currently available. You pay either coins or a game ticket to drop a Mii and pray they will land on a platform containing an item of clothing. Personally, I’ve got all the clothes I want to win so I only go back when I’m bored of answering questions. Maybe Nintendo will expand on the games in the future, I think a multi-player game would be an amazing addition or even a hide and seek game!

Miifoto is a photo creating feature which can be very fun for creative minds. Simply scroll through the Miitomo Twitter Hashtag to see the possibilities, but I warn you to tread carefully – the internet is a weird place. I find the editing of the Mii’s pose and position a bit fiddly in Miifoto. Maybe it’s down to my stubby fingers, but it just takes a few attempts to rotate and resize the Mii to the position I want to achieve.

The rewards system that is in place seems like a good idea in practice, but unfortunately you need to have the kind of friends that like to interact to reap the benefits. On the first day of playing I was raking it in with the friend requests and the communication, but a week later it has now died down a bit. Not only do you collect coins, but you also collect Nintendo points. You can use Nintendo points outside of Miitomo as part of the new My Nintendo scheme. To see how you can earn more points, simply navigate to the Missions tab in the menu.

Overall opinion

Miitomo is a really fun game and I have visited it daily since the release. I find the questions thoroughly enjoyable to answer and to listen to. The only major downside is, it relies on you being incredibly social and your friends reciprocating the social-ness. So for me, only a small selection of friends have downloaded the app so it’s quietened down now. So friends if you’re reading this, comment on my questions! I want them Nintendo points dang it! It basically feels like a stripped back Tomodachi Life – but this opinion is based off the demo I played. I think Miittomo has major room for improvement, but I enjoy this first initial stage nonetheless.

Have you downloaded Miitomo? What’s your opinions so far? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on our Twitter.

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