Maker Faire 2016 was fantastic!

Held in Newcastle again this year, Maker Faire 2016 had some great people and some even better displays/projects!

Maker Fair 2016 was back in the North East this year, held at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle. This festival is a chance for everyone to meet hackers, coders and DIY-ers who have come up with absolutely fascinating inventions. Encouraging people of all ages to get involved with the makers and their creations!

So what was there this year? Well there was the Lords of Lightning who basically put are 2 very brave (or very insane!) guys who stick on some electric resistant suits, stand on highly powered Tesla Coils and put on a show of awe! Watching people actually firing electricity at each other was quite the spectacle, especially when they start wielding their electric rods to attack each other.

Lords Of Lightning
The Lords Of Lightning display fight it out standing on fully charged Tesla Coils!

These guys have got to have a lot of courage to pull this off, you would personally never catch me standing on a Tesla Coil!

One of the best products and ideas I have seen in a long time came from a company called pi-top. Now a lot of people nowadays have been making some amazing things due to the popularity and just plain awesomeness of the Raspberry Pi. So why are pi-top to different? Purely in my opinion because of the time which must have gone into actual design into this product.

Pi-Top Laptop
The Pi-Top Laptop is just such a beautiful looking machine!

Overall Maker Faire 2016 was a brilliant celebration of design, hackery and extraordinary ideas. From 3D printing, to drones, to space rockets, it had it all! Below is just a small selection of what Maker Faire 2016 had to offer and if you didn’t make it this year you should definitely try your best to head there next year!

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