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I recently went to go and see London Has Fallen at the cinema after seeing Olympus Has Fallen. I enjoyed the first film and was curious about the sequel and what will happen.


As per the title the film was mostly set in London. Going to see the film I liked this idea as most big action films are set in America so not only was London fresh but familiar. However, this was also a bad thing. I actually found it quite unnerving seeing streets I’d walked and tourist attractions I’ve visited blown to smithereens. As I live close to London too this also made it all the more real. This gave the film a bit of an unexpected edge. All of the famous London attractions were seen in the film including Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye making the setting for the film a great choice.


I didn’t expect to see anything original in the film and that’s exactly what I got, nothing original. The film has been done before. It may not have been done to this scale in London but it has been done not only in the previous instalment but in other action films. I did find some of the story interesting though such as how the terrorists planned to get all of the world leaders to London and at the end when Chief John Lancaster was revealed to be a traitor. His motives reflect a lot of very current political debates and the how our country should be run which was interesting. Other than these minor details everything had been done before including the bromance between the two main characters, the car chase scene resulting in bullet holes covering the whole of the car but no scratches on the main characters and the asking a friend to be your child’s Godmother indicating their death within the next couple of scenes.

Gerard Butler (left) and Angela Bassett star in "London Has Fallen." (Lionsgate)

I don’t think the film has much re-watch value. It’s one of those films that you don’t mind having on in the background on a lazy Sunday afternoon when you are doing things or if you just want to put something on that isn’t heavy. It may be good again in a few years time when you can’t really remember what has happened and want to give it another go but I won’t be buying the DVD for London Has Fallen.


While I have put a few negative spins on the film the special effects are good. When I mentioned earlier about all of the famous London locations being destroyed, they were all done very well. The helicopter scene was done very well as was the final assault at the secret hideout to save the President, which I particularly enjoyed. The effects really helped out the action scenes of the film making them more intense. The effects and the action are definitely some of the finer characteristics that the film has.


The film’s acting was one of the good points of the film too. Gerard Butler held down the main role well injecting both believability and humour exactly when needed. Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman were good too. Another aspect of the film that I admired, being a Brit, was that we all weren’t portrayed as cockneys or stereotypes which often happens in American films (sorry Dick Van Dyke!). The British characters all felt realistic and there was even an evil British character which didn’t feel too cliché! American Horror Story’s Angela Bassett was also a good addition to the cast. It was just a shame that she wasn’t in the film more following her character’s expected demise.


In conclusion I enjoyed London Has Fallen. It didn’t change my life or blow me away but the fresh setting, believable characters and cool effects made for a good 90 minutes of mindless action. I don’t intend to watch the film again anytime soon and the plot felt all too familiar but it was worth a watch.

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