Kerv is making payments even more contactless

Kerv is bringing a new piece of tech which will make contactless payments even easier!

In a world where we are always on the go and even contactless card/phone payments are considered to take too long, Kerv thinks they have the solution.

Theres some parts of technology that sometimes I just seem to subconsciously neglect, one of the most recent ones being alternative payment methods. Can the world please slow down? I only got a contactless card a few months ago, Apple Pay the other week and now you are telling me I can pay with a ring?

But this isn’t just any old ring, its a quite stylish, no battery needed, no need to pair, waterproof ring! We all like to do things by the way of The Force and Kerv gets us a bit closer to that dream. Nothing cooler in this day of age than just gliding your hand over a payment device.

Kerv Ring Colour

I have been keeping my eye on Kerv for a while now and this looks like a great piece of tech. They have have done well with getting funded on KickStarter on 26th October 2015 raising £110,182! Kerv is now getting close to being released July this year.

Kerv Details

Not only does the ring allow you to make contactless payments, it is also able to unlock NFC doors, register and hold contact information and also use it on the tube in London.

You can preorder your Kerv here for only £40. I am pretty sure I’ll be getting one, here is hoping its as good as they make it out to be!

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