I can’t stop watching this Overwatch anime opening

This… This is just beautiful…

This game is taking over the world at the moment, why wouldn’t someone make an Overwatch anime intro scene?

Yeah I know, I’m writing a lot of Overwatch articles at the moment but surely even you are intrigued by this fantastic fan made video. It makes me so hyped that it could possibly appeal to Blizzard and they may start a series, though I’m dreaming big…

What makes this even better, apart from how high quality and well done the video looks, is that there is not many actual story scenes/cut scenes in the game. This opening seems to be made up of highlight videos, gameplay, a small amount of cut scenes and the opening of the game.

It makes Overwatch feel like it would actually be a kick ass anime! Which I think was pretty hard to do for a game that lacks quite a lot of story! The video itself and the music go hand in hand and it all just comes together to make for a brilliant mock anime opening. Apparently according to inkling inkling, the creator of the Overwatch Anime opening, an ending will also be coming.

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