What we hope to see in Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is just around the corner and this is what we really want to see!

War is coming. Best decide now if you’re either #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan – problem for me is, I love both and need to decide quickly as the film is released 29th April. Which side will you be on? To help you decide, here we tell of what we hope to see in Captain America: Civil War.

Captain America and IronMan

The film’s premise resides on an act has come about to regulate superhuman activity and has split the all powerful Avengers into two groups – one led by Steve Rogers (Captain America) and the other by Tony Stark (Iron Man). This is loosely based upon the graphic novel of the same name, Civil War and includes all of returning characters / actors from previous films (with the exception of The Hulk, as Marvel stated they had to choose their characters wisely – if The Hulk was on one of the sides, the fight would be over instantly) along with new characters, hello new SpiderMan!

SpiderMan in Civil War

As a huge DC fan, it feels a little wrong to be so excited for a Marvel film, but after watching Age of Ultron last year I am buzzing to see the two battle it out. Individually, both the Iron Man and Captain America films I have enjoyed immensely as well as in Avengers. The best part was netiher Captain or IronMan – it was always Black Widow (scarlett Johansson) for me. I’m hoping she will be more involved with the story in Civil War, gaining more screen time instead of being a side character.

Team Captain America

YouTube star and all round Marvel fan, Craig Howlett Wright, expects to see a lot from this film to wrap up what happened previously: “We need to see consequences. The original story ended with a significant character’s death and I think something equal to that needs to happen in the film to keep on par. I also want to see the best Spiderman ever, Giant-Man and some epic fight sequences, full on big screen, splash page”

It seems a lot of fans are going crazy over the arrival of Spiderman. Only one shot has been released featuring the spidey hero and has faced a lot of praise from fans, for sticking to the comic version of Spiderman.

Another newcomer is the arrival of Black Panther – who has allied with Tony Stark. I am unfamiliar with the character and story so looking forward to seeing more from the Panther!

Team IronMan

I want to see insane fighting sequences, IronMan spouting quick whips at every possible opportunity and Captain America as aloof to present day life as in previous films. More powers, more Black Widow and overall, more Marvel! We shall have to wait and see though…

You can read our review of Captain America: Civil War next week!

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