Hidden Gems: Vib-Ribbon

We take a look at another game in our Hidden Gem series. This time we look at Vib-Ribbon!

Vib-Ribbon was a game that I only ever remember playing the demo of. It came out in the year 2000 and was made by NanaOn-Sha who brought us PaRappa the Rapper.

The game followed Vibri, a female rabbit who needed to get through obstacle courses with your help.  She would walk along a wire and various obstacles would appear and you had to press buttons each time you reached an obstacle. Sometimes obstacle would be merged with another meaning you had to press two buttons at once. It doesn’t sound very riveting but it certainly was! It was so addictive trying to get through courses, simple but effective.


Vibri was very cute and spoke strangely but thankfully had speech bubbles. The unique part of the game was that you could insert music CDs into your PlayStation and each time a brand new level would appear that would relate to the rythym of the CD you had inserted! If you had put in a ballad the level would be very easy but if you put in a club banger then you would be in for a difficult ride! That’s what made Vib-Ribbon so great was that you could put on your own music and it was so addictive.


I can’t see why this game or even a game like it can’t be brought back today. After reading online it seems that there was two sequels that were only released in Japan but I’m sure that this game would do great in today’s market. I would love to see Vib-Ribbon make a comeback as it’s such a simple idea but sometimes they are the best ones. Some footage of the gameplay is below:


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