Hidden Gems: Monkey Hero

We have a look at another hidden gem: Monkey Hero

If you’re like me and love your retro games you may have heard of Monkey Hero. The game came out in 1999 for PlayStation and was developed by Blam! I remember the first time that I see Monkey Hero. It was on a cover of a demo that I had purchased that went with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK. I used to collect the magazines and demos every week with my pocket money and I remember playing the demo. It was very simple and felt a lot like Zelda.

I recently dug out my PlayStation 2 and all of my PlayStation 1 & 2 games. In doing so I found the old demo with Monkey Hero on the cover so I decided to buy the game from EBay. I thought that seeing as the PlayStation 2 can play games from its predecessor that Monkey Hero would be great to finally play all the way through after 17 years. WRONG! After finally owning the game I put it in my PlayStation 2 and sat in anticipation for the game to appear on my screen. I waited … and I waited … and then I became annoyed. I had been sold a dud game online, right? Also wrong! It turns out that Monkey Hero is one of very few PlayStation games that can’t be played on the second console! After much sulking I decided to do my research on YouTube so that I could still write this article.

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The story of the game sees Monkey Hero summoned to the Waking Realm under the influence of Master Sage. Monkey is to collect the missing pieces of the Magic Storybook and defeat the Nightmare King in order to restore peace. Monkey’s health is measured in peaches and his weapon is a bamboo staff. Monkey is also given a headband so that Master Sage can communicate with him. Each dungeon that is explored can reveal more items, characters and a boss at the end of each dungeon.

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The game feels so much like The Legend of Zelda in that there are dungeons and puzzles, not that that’s a bad thing. Zelda is legendary and Monkey Hero takes that concept and applies different characters and settings. Even though the game is dated now it still looks like it will be enjoyable. I managed to find a video on YouTube showcasing the whole game in six hours, credit to Swedeness Gaming. If you like what you see and want to buy the game just don’t make the same mistake I did and make sure you have your first PlayStation to hand.

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