Google and Apple want in on Virtual Reality

Are Google and Apple joining the world of virtual reality?

We only have a few months until virtual reality headsets are released changing gaming and technology forever. HTC, Sony and Xbox are all expected to release their devices this year but it turns out that both Google and Apple have their sights on creating their own virtual reality devices too …


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The firm has already has success with Cardboard, a box that a user slips their phone into which turns it into a virtual reality device. The product is cheap, popular and seems to be a flavour of what’s to come from Google.

Google have also advertised several job vacancies all to do with virtual reality. This suggests that Google are looking to manufacture their device at a large scale. One post from Google recently stated:

“Our consumer hardware team is working on revolutionising how people interact with their hardware, and looking for engineers to make that a reality”.

Google Cardboard

Google have kept quiet about their device and what they have up their sleeve but it’s safe to say that they are creating something. Perhaps they are waiting until competitor devices are released so that they can see what works and what doesn’t.


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Apple have been very quiet on the VR front. “In terms of VR, I don’t think it’s a niche. It’s really cool and has some interesting applications.” That’s all they’ve really said on the matter! Is this a sign of playing it cool or just ignoring it?

It must be them playing it cool as Apple are investing in research into virtual reality technology. They’ve hired one of the leading experts in VR who has spent the last five years at Virginia Tech University researching “three-dimensional user interface design and the benefits of immersion in virtual environments”.

Apple have gone on record before by stating: “We always thought that glasses were not a smart move, from a point of view that people would not really want to wear them. They were intrusive, instead of pushing technology to the background, as we’ve always believed,” Could this be a hint at a Star Trek holodeck type technology?

Star Trek Holodeck

Apple have been known to question technology developments before and then invest in them such as streaming. History could be repeating itself as Apple seem to be playing it cool so far. It seems like they are waiting to see how well virtual reality takes off and then see if it’s worth investing in. Biding time could also mean that Apple can work out the kinks that competitor devices might have when first launched. Either way Apple can afford to wait.

In conclusion, while Google are embracing the world of virtual reality, Apple currently are not and if they are they are being very quiet about it. Either way it’s an exciting time for technology and gaming. We can’t wait to see how it all unfolds this year!

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