What GeekPress UK Wants to See at E3 2016

At GeekPress UK we’ve discussed exactly what we want to see come out of E3 2016.

At GeekPress UK we’re very excited for E3 2016. We’ve discussed exactly what we would like to see come out of E3 2016.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot 1

Crash Bandicoot has been teased by Sony for a few months now and each time we build up our hopes a little bit more that Crash will appear at E3 2016. Sony have outright said that they have no interest in the franchise despite recognising the interest in a new game. Seeing as Sony pride themselves on being “for the players” and like to listen to what the players want we’d like to hope they’ve listened to the demand for a new Crash Bandicoot game and confirm his resurrection at E3 2016.

Knights of the Old Republic 3


We think it’s time that a new game for this Star Wars series is made. The first two games came out in 2003 and 2005 and a third game was planned but eventually cancelled. In 2012 an MMORPG game of Knights of the Old Republic was released but we would like the franchise to return to its roots and have a brand new game. As Disney own the rights to Star Wars now the only chance of seeing Knights of the Old Republic at E3 will lie with PC Gaming/Xbox to announce as Disney will not be holding a press conference at the event.



Resistance had 3 games on the PlayStation 3 that were a success. There was also a couple of spin-off games on Sony’s handheld consoles but we haven’t seen anything for a while. We would like to see a new game for PlayStation 4 but who will be making it remains unseen. Insomniac used to own the rights but have said that they have no interest in making another game and that it’s possible that they would sell the rights. It would be cool to see an announcement for a new Resistance game and who will be developing it.

Kingdom Hearts III

What can we say about Kingdom Hearts III that hasn’t been said already? This game has been in development for so long and keeps being pushed back that we really want some announcement of a release date. We’d even like to see something more than just a standard trailer. We think it would be good if they announce a couple of the worlds within the game or give us some plot details. With Final Fantasy XV so close to release Kingdom Hearts III may not even get a mention at E3 2016. At this rate the first episode of the Final fantasy VII Remake will be released before Kingdom Hearts III!

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Last year Ubisoft announced a sequel to the popular South Park: The Stick of Truth and South Park fans rejoiced. It had the same idea as the first game with the player being the new kid in town but instead of playing Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings the kids are now playing superheroes, as seen in some episodes of the show. With a release date rumoured for later this year or the beginning of the next it would be cool if Ubisoft confirmed the release date for us. It would also be good if Ubisoft announced that the first game will be released on PlayStation 4 seeing as it was released on PlayStation 3 even though the fourth console as already available.

Mass Effect HD


With Mass Effect: Andromeda being released in 2017 it would be great to play the first three games in stunning HD quality. BioWare have said through Twitter that the idea of HD trilogy has been “discussed internally” and that they are open to the idea. Let’s hope that the wheels are in motion and it’s confirmed at E3 2016.

Witcher HD


The Witcher 3 was released to success last year and we think it would be great to play the first couple of games in HD quality. The first game was released in 2007 and the second game in 2011. The second game received an enhanced edition in 2012 but wouldn’t it be great to see both games updated and released as a collection?

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Sony and Square Enix dropped this bombshell on us last year and we all went crazy for it. We had a small update with new footage in December and the announcement that the game will be episodic. We’d love to see Sony and Square Enix give us an update o how the game is coming along. We’d also like to think that the first episode is near to being finished but we highly doubt that the game is anywhere near ready. With Final Fantasy XV being Square Enix’s main focus this year we doubt much will be said about the remake.

Shenmue HD

Last year Sony announced that a third Shenmue game will be made if the kickstarter campaign could reach its target which was smashed within a couple of days. It’s been so long since the first two games that we’d love to see them updated and released to give the younger gamers the opportunity to experience the games before the third is released. SEGA have said that they are looking into the idea but we won’t hold our breath.

What would you like to see at E3 2016? Let us know in the comments below or through Twitter.

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