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In a world where old game music is slowly being forgotten, The Audio Sprite is here to bring back all your retro video game nostalgia!

Retro video game music is a somewhat forgotten art but there are still many people in the retro gaming scene that fully appreciate tracks of old. We have a chat with The Audio Sprite who is keeping retro game music alive with amazingly nostalgic remixes.

Here at GeekPress UK we all still like to play games from the 80s and 90s, this golden age of gaming brought us some legendary games, most of which had soundtracks that are still as memorable as the games themselves. Take the Super Mario theme for example, many people of all ages know this tune of old.

Although in this day of age with consoles being able to use actual music tracks due to better hardware older game music is being slowly forgotten. But here is where The Audio Sprite comes in, remixing the tunes of old to such a high standard that nostalgia fills your entire body. Here just one of his many works, I do love some Final Fantasy VIII! More of his work can be found here.

We got in touch with The Audio Sprite to find out more about the man behind the nostalgia mask, he kindly accepted to do a quick interview with us!

From your mass library of remixes for multiple consoles, which is the console in your opinion has the best music?

The Audio Sprite: I adore such a wide range of consoles, but at heart I’m a SEGA fan. Something about the Mega Drive/Genesis music always appealed to me from an early age, so always have a soft spot for that consoles library of gaming soundtracks. But to actually say it’s the best would be a bold statement!

As a big fan for a long time it’s clear to see you have a lot of passion for video game music and in fact video games as a whole. But if you had to choose, what game soundtrack could you listen too for the rest of your life?

The Audio Sprite: Oh man, tough call! For me personally it would have to be Final Fantasy VIII. There is such a massive variation in themes and genres in that games soundtrack. It also has some wonderful gothic sounding pieces that I have quite a passion for. All masterfully composed by Nobuo Uematsu who is big influence when composing any orchestral remixes and original works I create.

Out of all of your remasters which was your favourite to produce?

The Audio Sprite: Always have a lot of fun with any charity albums I work on, it’s a chance to break out of the norm and branch into other media such as TV and movie themes all while having a ton of fun and for a great cause. Almost impossible to choose one particular track though, as taking people back too their childhood with music is always a joy to work on.

What started your passion for video game music remasters?

The Audio Sprite: You know it’s funny, I have always loved both music and video games but it was only 5 years or so back that I decided to bring the two together! It originally started as just something I wanted to do for my younger brothers, as they follow the same passion for video games. They would ask me to learn soundtracks for the guitar. After making the decision to start the Audio Sprite project it opened my eyes to a fantastic world and community of video game music remixing and appreciation.

Doing mostly retro game music how do you choose front the massive catalog of games gone by?

The Audio Sprite: I’ve always been open to requests, taking people back to their childhood with my music. Inspiration for a remix can come from almost anywhere, but being involved in the retro gaming community and it’s fantastic people is a never ending source of ideas for the next tune.

So there we have it, a guy who loves retro gaming and also the music of a bygone gaming era, with a mighty passion to share his nostalgia years of gaming with everyone. We salute you Audio Sprite, keep doing what you’re doing and bringing happiness to the retro gaming community and also to the charities you are donating towards.

The Audio Sprite is currently making and soon to be releasing a new free album for Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary in June. Here is just a little teaser!

You can find The Audio Sprite on twitter if you wish to support him! You can also check out his work YouTube and SoundCloud!

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