Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Remaster is coming to PlayStation 4

As Square Enix seem to be working the remaster route, we have Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age incoming for PlayStation 4.

Yup you heard right, Final Fantasy XII is getting remastered for PlayStation 4. It will be known as Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

The Final Fantasy game that put many die hard fans off the series is making a comeback, Final Fantasy XII  The Zodiac Age is predicted to be with us in 2017. This will come with everything you expect from a Square Enix remaster (of which we seem to be getting a lot of lately…) with increased in game graphics, high resolution cut scenes, remastered soundtrack, etc.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Screenshot

Although one big change is over here in the west we will be getting the Zodiac job system which we previously were not given in the original UK release. The game will also have a few added features such as a trial mode which is set to all players to fights multiple battles in succession.

Below is the trailer for the new remaster:

Personally I think Square Enix are pumping these remasters out a bit thick and fast. Although it also makes me hope that the reason the are doing this are to get a budget for a nice new IP or to help with the Final Fantasy VII remaster.

Are you going to be looking forward to Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age? Or do you think its an unneeded attempt for Square Enix to make money?


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